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Yes, It's Linen! (Neck Band Embroidery In-Progress)

Neck Band EmbroideryNeck Band EmbroideryNow I've started on a version of Simplicity 2696 (formerly done in the much-debated floral rayon jacquard) in linen. I have the front and back pieces cut out, and then set to work on the embroidery for the neck band. This is actually the first time I've tried machine embroidery meant for clothing. I did the vine-y floral design at the bottom, and haven't quite figured out what else I'm going to do.

I may not have developed dfr's total linen obsession yet, but despite dfr's accusation that's less about a lack of linen-love and mostly just because I want corset supplies too! I can't afford real steel boning and couture linen! Not at the same time, anyways. I got the mushroom brown linen in a mystery bundle that I ordered along with the orchid and antique red linens from FabricMart's half-off linen section. So the mushroom brown one is the one I'm daring to cut into first.

I'm actually not particularly fond of the color itself, but earthy colors do tend to work for me. That's slightly baffling when they're colors I don't actually like. I like green and blue, but drab brown? I know that various colors complement one another and all that jazz, but for some reason I mentally sort colors as "good" and "bad," despite the knowledge that that's a supremely bad way to classify colors. The earthy mushroom brown also seems to be an excellent fabric for floral embroidery, too. And unlike the cream rayon jacquard, I should be able to wear a dark corset under it!


"total linen obsession"?

It's not a TOTAL linen obsession ... I still have room for the silk obsession, the wool obsession, the rayon challis (milder) fixation, and the nice cotton shirting obsession ... although I may need to figure out how to make more room! LOL

Any updates on this embroidery project? Last word I recall from last night you were ripping a flower out from around the curve ...

I didn't say..

I didn't say you were obsessed with nothing else, just that your linen obsession is more complete than mine is. 

I was just about to put up a post on it..  I was in the middle of uploading the pictures when I saw that you'd commented, and so I had to check the comment right away since it means that you managed to sign in!  (Did clearing your cache work?)  I'm wearing it now!


Oh, those flowers look so good. I like.

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