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Two Free 5-Yard Assortments From FabricMart

Two Free 5-Yard AssortmentsTwo Free 5-Yard Assortments I ended up placing two orders during that time when FabricMart was sending out free 5-yard assortments with any order over $35. And this time it wasn't even dfr's fault! When that turquoise linen went on sale, I just had to get it. (Along with some of the oatmeal-colored linen with the floral print.)

Since they're free, I obviously can't complain, but the first one was three yards of a synthetic coral fabric and two yards of a strange thick black-and-lime-green houndstooth knit. It feels like one of those reversible knits that's actually two knits put together, but the back just looks like a wrong side. I think it's synthetic, but of course knits are a lot harder to pull threads off of than wovens are. The houndstooth stuff might make a cute light jacket. I'm not generally a fan of coral, but I'm thinking the coral stuff might work quite well for grocery bags.

The second assortment, however, I'm quite happy with. There's 2 3/4 yards of the black plant-based (seems like cotton) fabric, and 2 5/8 yards of a nice thick brick red-brown wool flannel. I may not be a big fan of brown in general, but I'm absolutely thrilled to have some good wool flannel! I've drooled over wool flannel before, and the stuff could make a really great lining or interlining. Not to mention the fact that my entire outlook on brown changed with that mushroom brown linen. Brown may not be such a pretty color on its own, but it's the perfect color for floral embroidery!


Wool flannel

Good score! I have fondled some of that at Hancock ... just can't quite stomach H's price: $40/yd regular, so even at half off it's above my price range.

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