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Tea-Dyed Coutil Corset -- Pictures on Me!

My parents visited last week, so I finally have photos of my tea-dyed coutil corset on me!

Tea-Dyed Coutil Corset Front PhotoTea-Dyed Coutil Corset Front Photo

The fit is really pretty good (certainly better than on my dress form!) but I am kinda wishing I'd cinched the waist a bit more. I didn't want it to be as dramatic as my denim corset, which had a pretty significant reduction, but I think I ended up giving it too little. I'm frustrated with the double-layer construction method; I think it makes me too cautious, since nothing can really be changed.

The binding isn't as smooth as I would have liked it to be, I'm not exactly sure what went wrong there. Binding seems to be too easily forgotten when researching corsetry techniques.
Tea-dyed Coutil Corset BackTea-dyed Coutil Corset Back

There's some wrinkling in the back at the waist. I think this means that I gave that back panel a bit too much curve. It might have been a discrepancy in the inner back panel vs. the outer back panel, which I guess would have given more or less the same result-- fabric being pulled where it isn't supposed to be pulled.
Tea-dyed Coutil CorsetTea-dyed Coutil Corset

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