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Tea-dyed Coutil Corset! Finally!

Tea-dyed Coutil CorsetTea-dyed Coutil CorsetAfter much procrastinating, I've finally done an actual coutil corset! I tea-dyed the coutil because, um, it was white and my iron spit on it and left a stain. So dyeing it seemed logical, and white isn't so practical anyways. I'd originally figured on using a fashion fabric over it, but for my first coutil corset, I thought maybe it would be nice to just use the coutil.

It's a two-layer corset with sandwiched boning channels. It seems like a logical construction method, but I'm getting pretty frustrated with it. It's just so impossible to change anything once you've done much of anything at all. I was dumb enough to clip the seam allowances together instead of one side and then the other side in a different spot, which created wrinkle-looking things where there's less thickness because of the clipped seam allowances.. and then by the time I noticed it, there was really nothing I could do about it.
I'm not really liking the inside. I just couldn't really come up with any way to get the inside to look clean; the back of the flossing is just too visible. The hand embroidery isn't quite as bad but the back of the flossing just looks bad.
For my next corset I'm going to use one strength layer and just add boning channels wherever I need to. A single layer corset with a lining just looks so much nicer from the inside.
I'm wishy-washy about the shaping on the bottom edge, too. I think it turned out too not-one-thing-or-another. Not straight, but not shaped enough to look.. well, shaped.

I really am pretty happy with the corset overall! I think it looks decent and I'm excited to have completed my first coutil corset. There's just a lot that I can point to and say "next time, I'm not doing that." And assuming I listen to myself, that's good, I think.

Tea-dyed Coutil Corset Side BackTea-dyed Coutil Corset Side Back

I used a total of 32 steel bones. Twenty-four 1/4" spiral steels, four 1/2" spirals, two 1/4" spring steel bones and two extra thick spring steels. The extra-thick ones are sold as 1/4" but they're actually 3/8" wide. The extra thick ones are on the back edge and the regular spring steels are on the other side of the grommets.

I'll probably change the lacing-- either dye it purple or use more of that ribbon that I used for my denim corset.



"The extra-thick ones are sold as 1/4" but they're actually 3/8" wide."
Where did you purchase these ones? I am in search of plastic coated 3/8, and having a hard time finding it. These extra-thick ones might do the trick though...

Thank you!

The ones on the right side of this page:

I don't know why they list them as 1/4" but they're definitely 3/8".


It is beautiful!

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