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I Did Some Sewing! (*ahem* And Blendering..)

Simplicity 2758 Wool SkirtSimplicity 2758 Wool SkirtSo I've finally gotten some sewing done! Granted, not a lot, but it's something. Kris's company had an awards banquet on Friday, and it's been ten years he's been working there now, so we had to go. So I needed something formal-ish to wear.

So I made view B of Simplicity 2758 out of a wool suiting I got from FabricMart's $1.99/yard section and wore it with my Butterick 4609 blouse. There's something a bit off about the skirt. I think I probably shouldn't have interfaced the waistband, because it seems like the rest of the skirt had a bit of give, but the waistband didn't which gave it a weird shape. Or I should have interfaced the top of the skirt. I need some more practice with invisible zippers, too. I don't think I have the technique quite right. But overall it wasn't bad. Certainly wearable.
I hemmed it with pink topstitching thread.

I even wore heels! I picked up a pair of black Aerosoles at Marshall's that could actually be considered comfortable if not for the fact that they're heels. I'm actually rather fond of them.
Pier Scene: An in-progress pier scene I'm working on in Blender.Pier Scene: An in-progress pier scene I'm working on in Blender.
And now it's time to make excuses for not having been blogging. I'm still a tad absorbed in Blender. I've been working on some stuff for SL (although I haven't actually gotten anything up in my SL shop besides the shoes and a rigged strapless dress) but I've been doing tutorials and experimenting with lighting and materials, and playing with scenes.

The photo textures in these two scenes are from CG Textures which is what the Blender Guru was uses in a lot of his tutorials.

I'm particularly enjoying experimenting with materials. I'm loving the raytraced mirroring and transparency.
And of course cloth simulation!
The big black beast [computer] does the rendering so wonderfully and quickly! (Depending on the complexity of the scene, of course. I haven't done anything that complex yet, but the BlenderGuru has some .blend downloads to go along with tutorials that are really heavy.)
Street Scene in Blender: An in-progress street scene I'm working on in BlenderStreet Scene in Blender: An in-progress street scene I'm working on in Blender

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