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Stevia Seedlings

Indoor Stevia SeedlingIndoor Stevia Seedling Outdoor Stevia SeedlingOutdoor Stevia Seedling I split up my stevia seedlings; one inside and one outside. The leaves on the outside one look a bit gnarled, but it's also significantly stouter than the indoor seedling. The indoor seedling taller, but distinctly more fragile.

The windowsill really doesn't get quite enough light. It's good for starting seeds, but not quite enough for decent growth. In the fall I'll probably put in a grow light to supplement the light so I can keep a few plants going through the winter. Herbs at least, but it would be nice to keep at least a few vegetables going.

The rest of the garden is doing more or less okay. I'm having big bug problems. The cucumber beetles are bad. And of course, so are the stink bugs. Really bad. I've been using diatomaceous earth, Dipel, and insecticidal soap, and tulle floating row covers, and they all help some.. but not quite enough. I finally bit the bullet and ordered Sevin. I'm getting some cucumber wilt. I've read that you diagnose bacterial wilt by breaking the stem and seeing if there's a milky sap inside and it'll be kinda sticky. It's not, but there's still some kind of wilt problem. And this was a strain that was supposedly disease resistant.. maybe just not to bacterial wilt, though. So I set up another fence for cucumbers, will plant some more, and will use the Sevin. I may order some more seeds too, of one of the really good disease-resistant varieties.


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