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Starting to Get Organized.. A Little.

Shelf Above My DeskShelf Above My Desk Yes, the shelf is where the map of Middle Earth used to be. I haven't decided on a new home for the map yet. But I do like the shelf!

Kris has been working on building a big hutch for his desk, so I'll then be swiping the small hutch that's currently on his desk, which should further aid in my organization efforts. There is Good Reason I didn't include the desk in my picture!

Yes, I know that there's an empty peg on my thread rack. *looks pointedly at dfr*
Call it the spot for the thread currently on my thread stand. There's a little bag of normal thread spools in my drawer of serger cones, too. And of course the Brother embroidery thread is in another drawer.
(See Jilly, I TOLD you all those 110 yard spools of yours weren't an excessive quantity of thread..)

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