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A (Stained) Whitewood Trunk

OMG, my trunk actually worked!Whitewood Trunk with Piper and TinkWhitewood Trunk with Piper and Tink
Unless you count Ikea furniture, this was the first time I'd ever built something. I used whitewood (stained "gunstock" colored) because it's cheaper than anything else and I didn't know how badly I'd screw it up. While there are multiple imperfections (not the least of which being that I planned it for the size the boards are advertised to be, rather than the size they actually are) it didn't come out too bad.
Sorry for the fuzzy picture, but I hadda put up the one with Tink and Piper!
Whitewood TrunkWhitewood Trunk
The other picture is better, although the trunk didn't react too well to the flash.
I'd gotten handles to put on the front, but the way it came out, it seemed like that would look weird, so I left those two off and just put handles on the sides.

I think the trunk wants to be home to my patterns. Not counting a box of vintage patterns (which were a lot I'd gotten off Ebay, and included a bunch of kids patterns, so most of what is in that box isn't stuff I expect to use anytime soon-- the more usable ones are in my main stash) they seem to all fit! I'm thinking of trying to add some kind of container for the lid, because the patterns don't reach the top, and some kind of top compartment would be nice. Or maybe just some plastic pockets.. or some kind of clips. Something to keep random pieces and such visible. I have a couple of pattern bits that I couldn't find the patterns for. I wanted somewhere visible to put them so I'd remember them when I finally find the patterns they go to.

Now I have to figure out what wants to live the drawer that had been home to my non-costume patterns. My intention in building trunks is to make the living room tidier. If I can have pieces of furniture that can store things and double as seats and coffee tables and footrests and look pretty, then things will be neater, right?


This is a lovely trunk, and

This is a lovely trunk, and it looks like some serious storage space. I've never actually heard of whitewood, but it looks quite pretty! Great job!

Me Neither

I hadn't heard of whitewood until Kris used it for his desk hutch. (Not that I know anything about wood anyway.) According to Wikipedia's disambiguation page, it's the wood from a spruce tree. The whitewood entry in The Free Dictionary says "1. Any of various deciduous trees such as the tulip tree, basswood, or cottonwood. 2. The soft, light-colored wood of any of these trees." Sounds to me like it probably means any soft, light wood the store carries that it doesn't list as being from a particular tree. Lowe's seems to have oak, poplar, cedar, pine, and whitewood, whitewood being the cheapest. I don't want to use good stuff until I have some idea what I'm doing!
I'm thinking about trying to plan out something with pattern-specific drawers.. I've gotta be insane. LOL

The trunk is lovely &

The trunk is lovely & all....but, but, have a FERRET? I wanna know about the ferret! Laughing out loud

Ok ok...the trunk.....actually, it's pretty awesome - great job!

well whatta ya want to know

LOL well whatta ya want to know about the ferret? She's.. ferret-y. Actually we usually call her "woozley" 'cause that hopping thing they do when they want you to play with them is called the weasel war dance.. so we call her "woozle" or "the woozle" more often than we actually call her Tink.


OK, you can color me impressed. That should fit a lot of patterns.

If you nail in some narrow pieces of wood near the top, maybe twelve inches long, you can put some kind of container on them to hold those smaller pieces. (like the kind they have in a cooler).

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