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Sad News

I've been dreading having to write this, but I have to. When we woke up on Tuesday morning, we found that the bunny had died.
We had started to tentatively call him "Zoom" because it was cute and not gender-specific. He'd seemed like he was getting used to us. He was calmer, not in a listless or sick kind of way, but like he was actually getting less afraid of us, taking lettuce out of my hand, and seeming curious about what was out here in the rest of the house.
He had food and clean water, we just have no idea what happened. We may not have had him for long, but the little fellow will certainly be missed.



I'm so sorry to hear that.

awwww ...

Sorry to hear about the bunny.


So sad. Maggie, he/she was probably ill when found and you just didn't know it, so you probably didn't do a thing wrong.

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