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Ripening Pumpkins! In July!

Pumpkins Turning Orange!Pumpkins Turning Orange!My pumpkins are starting to ripen! They were the "early sugar" variety (Pumpkin Early Sugar or Pie, but a different brand; I think I got them locally) so I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. What, did I think they were kidding by "harvest in 90 days"?
It just feels strange to see ripening pumpkins in July. Only these two seem to be developing into mature pumpkins, though; I'm not seeing any others developing on the vines.

The lighting and shadows were too weird to get a decent photo of them both in one picture, so I just put the two photos side-by side.

The pumpkin plants also took off earlier than most of my other plants. They're in a row right next to the cantaloupes and watermelons, but for some reason at the beginning of the season the pumpkins were much happier than the others were.

I've already started some new pumpkin seeds so that I'll have pumpkins in the fall, too.
The ones I started are more of the "early sugar" pumpkins. It's probably too late in the summer to start any larger pumpkins. I think I'll try some Giant Pumpkins next year, along with the small, sweet ones for cooking.

Just how long does it take for pumpkins to ripen after they start to turn orange, anyways?


Pumpkin ripening

Mine take longer than 90 days because I am in MN and the hot season is short here. I just leave them on the vines until it frosts, in fact. I plant them about June 1 and harvest in mid Sept. or so. The surface of the pumpkin is supposed to be hard. When you make pumpkin pie with your pumpkin, it works good to cook the pumpkin like squash, let it cool, then mix up your pie filling in the blender, which the sharp blades will cut up the fibers nicely. I freeze a lot of pumpkin in ziplocs for Thanksgiving and christmas pies. Great blog, I just found it.

Thanks for the Advice!

Thanks for the advice!
I've never made anything besides salted pumpkin seeds from an actual pumpkin! ..always just used the canned stuff.

Early Pumpkins

so, will you be making Early Pumpkin Pie?

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