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Renaissance Venetian Camicia In-Progress

Renaissance Camicia In-ProgressRenaissance Camicia In-Progress
I actually sewed something! Even though it's hot and humid and I don't want to do anything. Well, I got started, anyways. I'm following the Realm of Venus instructions for how to make a Venetian camicia. Yesterday I prewashed the white broadcloth (and typoed that to "prewished" in chat..) tore the fabric (the way it was supposed to be torn-- the instructions say so!) and sewed up the sleeves.

Then today I did the rest of the basic assembly. Put in the gussets, sewed the pieces together, ran a gathering stitch around the neck for some preliminary shaping.

Yes, I know it looks like the Simplicity 2777 night gown I made back during the stash contest. And even more like the off-white one I'd made awhile before that. But this one had no seam shaping; the shaping at the neck is done with gathering and the sleeves are rectangles with gussets.
Nightgown From Stash ContestNightgown From Stash Contest
I haven't done any finishing on the neckline, just used pulled up gathering stitches to get it looking like what it's supposed to start looking like. I'll use one of the pleating methods described on Realm of Venus for the neckline. And of course I have to hem it.

But dfr has been pesting me to sew something and put up pictures, so here's a picture of something I've sewn! Yes, I do know she's right that I should put up more sewing pictures!


Prewishing ...

appears to work! LOL Camicas, chemises, and many nightgowns are such a basic design it's not a surprise it looks similar to another pattern.


This one isn't a pattern!
That's what's so cool about it. I didn't cut, I ripped! Laughing out loud

Well, you weren't "not in the

Well, you weren't "not in the mood" for long. Congratulations.

Years ago I took a book out of the library and the garments in there were first chalked, then torn.


I'm not sure if getting started on a garment that consists entirely of large rectangles counts as getting my mojo back..

Well, you did handle fabric

Well, you did handle fabric and put some stitches in it.

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