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Reader and/or Feed Errors

I noticed recently that I was suddenly getting fewer views. I've never gotten a huge number, but there was still a significant dropoff. I thought maybe it was because I wasn't talking much about sewing, which is really my main topic.

But then I went into FeedDemon because it occured to me that it would be a good idea to set up Craigslist watches, since there are things I'm generally on the lookout for but don't check often enough to necessarily catch. And when I synchronized FeedDemon with Google Reader, I noticed that my two most recent posts don't show anything except a title, and that the third one is missing altogether!
Google Reader ErrorGoogle Reader Error
Then I tried to check in Google Reader via the web, and got this error. "That's an error. That's all we know." *sigh*
I had been messing with some RSS settings, but I thought I was messing with the RSS settings for feeds TO my blog not FROM my blog. (I was experimenting with the possibility of setting up a blogroll with the Views module rather than with the Google Reader blogroll widget, which is better than the last one I tried to use, but still not great.)

I'm hoping that the problem was just due to my fiddling, but this "we don't know anything" error from Google Reader is not so promising. So, I guess we'll see. Or not.
Hopefully, somebody will see something!

ETA: It looks like the feed is fine when I use it directly rather than synced through Google Reader or the Blogger dashboard. I think that makes the problem with Google.
EATA(edited again to add): The Networked Blogs ap on Facebook wasn't showing the teasers for those recent entries either. When I did a "pull now" for the feed, that seemed to fix it. So I guess part of the problem was my fiddling with syndication settings and part of it is that Google is behaving strangely [again].


Just to let you know, all of

Just to let you know, all of your posts show up (and did show up when they were written) on my Dashboard Reader (which is where I usually read from). But for the last several days I've only been glancing at the teasers, & maybe taking a quick peek at 3 or 4 blogs each day.

I certainly can't speak for anyone else but I just haven't been very active in blogworld...I think my sewing mojo is back now....& the good news is that my sewing room is reorganized, dress form is padded, I have a hug pile of weeds pulled, & got a few days of work in to boot.

So now I can read about pickles ;-D

Too busy melting?

Hmm, so maybe everybody is too busy melting to read blogs?
Were the teasers for mine showing up too for you? It didn't look like they were showing up anywhere.
Weeding.. it's been too hot to weed. LOL I've pulled a couple, my garden is still getting distinctly weedier. *sigh*

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