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Rayon Crepon Jacquard Tunic


Rayon Crepon Jacquard TunicRayon Crepon Jacquard Tunic

I've finished a version of the Simplicity 2696 classic tunic in a rayon crepon jacquard from FabricMart. This is meant to be wearable, but also a mockup before making this in linen. A linen version would definitely have some embroidery around the neckline. I'm not totally sure how I feel about this one. It didn't turn out bad, but somehow looks weird. I haven't quite identified what looks weird about it. Perhaps the fabric looks more like home dec than something that should be worn. My big problem with it, however, was the instructions. Particularly, the instructions, or lack of instructions, for the keyhole neckline. This second picture is the front piece. As you can see, the front is cut out as one piece, with a rounded neckline that does not reflect the final shape. There's a stitching line for attaching the facing (er, is it a facing? Or a placket? I've been using the term facing, but isn't a facing usually turned to the inside rather than to the outside?) But there's no cutting line. Nor are there any instructions that actually tell you to cut the slit that allows you to turn the facing to the outside. Apparently, the slit is supposed to magically appear. I complained about this in chat the other night. dfr told me to open up the side seams, since Simplicity's instructions say to sew up the sides before sewing on the facing, but that makes it almost impossible to sew the facing. drsue said "sew first then cut." That was what I really needed to know. Simplicity's poorly ordered instructions so far as sewing the side seams were certainly annoying, but it was the total absence of any instructions about cutting the slit that allows you to turn the facing to the outside that really boggled my mind. It says to clip the corners and trim the seams, but to me, cutting several inches down the middle does not fall into the category of "clipping corners." So, I finally finished it, and the pattern wasn't bad, but the instructions were. Much thanks to dfr and drsue for the instructions in chat that I actually followed. Had I continued trying to follow Simplicity's instructions, my head would have exploded.

Simplicity 2696 Front PieceSimplicity 2696 Front Piece Simplicity 2696 Vague InstructionsSimplicity 2696 Vague Instructions



**Drawings and text of pattern instructions copyright of Simplicity Creative Group. Excerpts are shown here for the purpose of clarifying my commentary and criticism of this pattern and accompanying instructions, as outlined in Title 17 U.S. Code, Chapter 1, § 107. I have no affiliation with Simplicity Creative Group.


I'm here!

Once again, loved the tunic! And it DOESN'T look like a tablecloth!


Love the tunic! The fabric is gorgeous!

Pat H (Labeelady)

Front Slit Neckline

Checked my last remaining Simplicity pattern with this front slit neckline. The wording is almost the same. Check the front band piece. Is there a line which is marked "stitching line" going from a few inches near the center front and down to the large dot? Since this will be uppermost when stitching the band to the bodice there really is no need to put "stitching line" on the bodice piece.

After all of it is stitched the next step is to "trim seam and corners". While this trimming is being done (which would include that for the slit) the slit in the bodice front will be cut at the same time.

It is not the clearest of instructions, but after you have done a few dozen of these slit necklines, it will be more apparent. LOL.

Having the side seams sewn before completing the neckline was the first time I have seen this error in a Simplicity pattern.

One of the first things I made was a black on red windowpane fabric made of wool fitted dress. It was a Butterick and had you sew the side seams and complete the facings for this sleeveless dress. Then the directions were given for putting in an 18" zip in the back. Since I couldn't get this zipper in after many tries, I just threw away the dress! Obviously, with experience I would now know the proper order, but what poor order of instructions for a newbie!


If you're "meh" about it ... what size did you make? Will it fit ME? I *heart* that print! That is a perfect floral for a classic tunic!

Like I mentioned in chat, whoever over at Simplicity that writes tunic and blouse instructions must have some super-secret super-duper sewing machine that can do keyhole necks after side seams are sewn ... or is a NON-sewing clueless idjit with a severe case of HUA disease. Your pattern is now #4 where the instructions are in the wrong order ... yes I count ... especially after the January keyhole blouse where I had to rip a perfectly good seam out of dress shirting (my S2566 white blouse).

I'm still mystified how I missed that fabric ....!!

Bundle Last November

I made a 14. I didn't say I don't like it, I just said I'm not sure. I don't usually wear florals, it takes some getting used to. It has a country cottage vibe that somehow reminds me of a tablecloth. Actually I think it may be similar to a print on a tablecloth my mom used to have. (Does it look familiar to you, mom?) You know that all my mental imagery is off. I'm still getting used to the idea of tunics. It's all your fault that I ever wear woven tops at all, remember? When I think of "tops I wear" long-sleeved tees are always what come to mind. And I don't embellish like you do either. This isn't embellished, but the print makes it seem kinda embellished.. to me, anyway. My trek towards non-totally-plain clothes is slow. I'm making progress, though! Really I am!

According to my spreadsheet, I got it in a bundle last November. I'm pretty sure it had also been on the site, but I'm not sure when. Your first FM order was in December, wasn't it?


I don't think that fabric is similar to any tablecloth we had. But, it does remind me of tablecloth fabric. Maybe Mamu had a tablecloth like that?


I really like the tunic. I would love you to make one for me. (Not the tablecloth fabric though.)

That might be it

It probably was Mamu. I was starting to wonder if I was totally crazy for thinking it was tableclothy! See dfr, my mommy agrees with me! LOL

What kind of fabric would you want it in? You're about the same size in tops as I am, right?

Curtainy and wallpapery too!

I would love one in linen, partly to test the hypothesis that linen really is cooler than cotton. Can that tunic also be made sleeveless? If so, I would like a cotton or linen print in a sleeveless version.

Yes, I think I would also be a 14. (Being the same size as you, but much shorter, points to the aesthetic value of my wearing tunics. (Especially with the new "skinny" jeans I just bought Smile)

The play?

Have I seen the play? Those cream and sage curtain clothes are the ones I remember from Sound of Music..
I think the only thing I've ever seen on Broadway was Phantom of the Opera.

Size 14 in sewing isn't usually the same as size 14 in RTW, but I'm pretty sure your top measurements are about the same as mine. And it certainly helps that a tunic is generally supposed to be fairly loose.

Linen prints.. I don't have any linen prints.. not sure I've seen any linen prints. I actually don't have much in the way of clothing-y cotton prints either. Most of my cotton prints are silly quilting fabrics that I like to use for accents and for the pockets and waistbands of jeans.
I have some aqua-ish cotton gauze with metallic threads that would probably work, and a rayon jacquard similar to the one I used for this one (I sent the rest of the cream to dfr, so it will be "properly appreciated.") but in bright green and blue that you'd probably like. I was mainly thinking of doing tunics in solid colors, with embroidery at least on the front band, maybe around the bottom too. Oh, and you already have a skirt in that green and blue rayon jacquard I mentioned!
I'll have to experiment with converting it to sleeveless, I'm not completely sure if I can just leave off the sleeves and narrow-hem the edge, or if I'll have to significantly alter the armscye.

Play clothes

Hmmm, isn't that the fabric that Maria used to make play clothes for the children?

Those were cream and sage

Peter at Male Pattern Boldness actually did a post recently on Sound of Music Style. Those curtains were cream and sage damask.

Play clothes

That was in the movie. What about the Broadway play?

30 Nov

Last day of November, so I must have simply missed out on it ... I SO would have been all over a pretty floral like that! And dangit, you need to grow a little more, a 14 won't fit me ... and it's not so much a "country cottage" vibe as it is a retro-hippie vibe Smile in a more conservative floral print. This is something I would wear about once a week, so yes you are making progress! Since I haven't done laundry this week ... I'm the one in a plain long-sleeved tee today! LOL

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