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Pink Simplicity 4079 Vest

Pink Simplicity 4079 VestPink Simplicity 4079 Vest Really, I haven't been doing nothing.. I just haven't been posting. Bad me.

So I finished this Simplicity 4079 lined vest. I used that pink cotton basketweave that was on sale for $1/yard from FabricMart awhile ago, and lined it with a pink cotton/linen blend.

It's somewhere between a mockup and an actual project. It certainly has its share of problems, not the last of which being that I sorta didn't realize that there's supposed to be a little slit in the bottom of the sides. I was having trouble visualizing how it went together. How to turn it by pulling it through the shoulders is just really hard to imagine until you do it. And the bulky cotton suiting certainly didn't help with that.

I didn't have anything suitable with which to make Chinese frog closures that would match, so I used shell buttons and ribbon loops in the front. The suiting is also too bulky to work with any appropriate buckles I have, so currently the back tabs are just held together with a safety pin until I figure out what to use.


I'm doing this same vest, but

I'm doing this same vest, but with just the buttons. What did you do for the lining on the sides? Like, how did you close it? It took me an hour or so to even figure out what the directions wanted me to do. Especially since I used a different fabric for the back.

It was visualizing the turning

Once I figured out the turning-through-the-shoulder-straps thing, it wasn't that bad, I just didn't know what I was doing through most of the sewing.
I just slipstitched the turning hole closed after I turned it right side out, same as with anything else.


Very nice, Maggie. Will you be wearing it with that skirt?

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