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Pickle Pot!

Big Pickle JarBig Pickle Jar Alright fine, it's actually a pickle jar. But that didn't sound like nearly such a good title!

I have, of course, been complaining about my lack of a properly photogenic pickling container. So yesterday Kris arrived home with this! I'll remove the label, but I just had to show off the fact that it's a gallon-sized pickle jar! And actually MEANT for pickles!

So.. now I have a big pickling jar and a crock of pickling cucumbers pickling in the fridge. Should I move them to the jar? Or might that hurt them? I'm not completely sure if all of them will fit. Some of them are a bit larger than I probably should have let them get, so that makes pickle arrangement less flexible.
So if they don't fit, then I would have to move them twice. Any advice? Should they just stay put for the pickling process, and I'll use the photogenic jar for the next batch?

I guess I really should have put the jar next to something in the picture, because besides the size written on it, you can't really gauge size from a pickle jar alone! Note to self: When taking a picture of something in order to demonstrate its size, put it next to something recognizable, to provide context.)

(The label design obviously belongs to Vlasic. I have no affiliation with them besides possession of a large jar previously home to Vlasic pickles.)

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