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*Perception* At Unhinged

Unhinged Double Chain NecklacesUnhinged Double Chain Necklaces
I made a mesh skull for Unhinged. Then I had to figure out what to do with it. So I did decor and jewelery.

The decor skulls are generally about 2 LI. (Side rant: My head is exploding over just how the LI works, as a blogger mentioned them as being just 1 LI sometimes, but I've never seen them go that low! Unless they're linked to something else. Confusing. as. heck. The size/LI calculations have got to be some sort of voodoo.) But anyways, they go nicely on a mantle or as a bookend or any of that other fun decorative stuff you might want a skull for.

Skull Necklace GatchaSkull Necklace Gatcha

The decor skull gatcha is L$30 per play, the single pendant necklace is L$50 per play, and the double chain necklace is L$65 per play. All are 75% to Eku's head. So get down to Unhinged in-world and play some gatchas! There's lots of other cool stuff there too!
Decorative Skull GatchaDecorative Skull Gatcha


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