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*Perception* Shetland Wool Skirts

*Perception* Shetland Wool Skirt: Available on the SL Marketplace and in-world at *Perception**Perception* Shetland Wool Skirt: Available on the SL Marketplace and in-world at *Perception*
I've finally finished some rigged mesh!
It's up on the marketplace and at my in-world shop, currently in five colors (grey, black, red, navy, and purple.) I'll probably put up some additional colors too.

I finally caved and started using the Standard Sizing, largely because I didn't have any better ideas. The parametric deformer should make sizing less of an issue once it's implemented, but it hasn't been yet and I may as well go with what's available. They're saying it's going to be specified on upload, so meshes made with standard sizing now shouldn't break when the deformer goes live. (And may continue to look better, depending on how things go.) Besides the five standard sizes, I did an additional one I'm calling "Medium plus" that's based off of Inhandra's shape, meant to fit a curvy shape that seems to have been left out of the standard sizing.

Eku and Ame were my guinea pigs, and great guinea pigs at that! Eku had some really great advice, although seeing her in-world was rather disorienting; I'm used to that adorable little-girl-with-a-giant-strawberry-stuffed-in-her-mouth forum avatar.

For you seamstresses thinking I'm crazy, it's Shetland wool because I used the GIMP resynthesize plugin to create the base texture from a photo of some Shetland wool. :P (Yes, I know, you still think I'm crazy.)


Sooo ...

Is this why YOU have been AWOL from chat?


What's your excuse?

And see! My mommy approves! Tongue

Crazy is good

but what does "in-world" mean?


The Marketplace is a web catalog for things in SL. "In-world" refers to places in Second Life where you would actually go.

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