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*Perception* Femme Fatale Dresses in Solid Colors

*Perception* Femme Fatale Dresses -- Solid Colors*Perception* Femme Fatale Dresses -- Solid Colors
Femme Fatale dresses are now available at the *Perception* Main Store! The black-and-white dresses from Cinema are for sale as well as a new set of Femme Fatale dresses in solid colors: burgandy, scarlet, gold, green, blue, and purple.
Dresses are L$265 each. The solid color fatpack includes all six solid colored dresses for L$985 and the black-and-white fatpack contains the four black-and-white dress for L$865.

Two alpha layer options are included along with full-perm copies of the alpha layer textures for easy adjustments and customizations. Also included are top and bottom glitch layers for maximum compatibility.

7 sizes: the 5 standard sizes XXS-L plus special sizes M+ (for very curvy shapes) and Bx (for top-heavy shapes.) While rigged mesh cannot be resized, the dress does come with modify permissions.

Demos are available in-world and on the marketplace.

Taxi to the new *Perception* Main Store on Mint Tulip


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