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*Perception* Damask Corsets

I've released another set of rigged mesh corsets, this time in damask. (Plus that turquoise straggler that belongs with the dupioni set.) I used a cream-colored damask jacquard from a FabricMart bundle as the base texture, which I think turned out quite well.
*Perception* Damask Corsets*Perception* Damask Corsets
I actually put them up last week, but I've been procrastinating about blogging them. Partly because I needed to update my Drupal version (which I did this morning) and partly because I've been having issues getting pictures I like.
I'd really much prefer to take some pictures with a decent backdrop instead of just cutting out the solid background, but nothing seems quite right. I'm not even quite sure what it is that I want for a background.. just that whatever it is, I don't have it. (Suggestions on that would be appreciated..)

My corsets use standard sizing XXS-L, plus the M+ size intended for very curvy avatars. (Based on Inhandra's shape.) The M+ here isn't actually as different as it is for some other garments since I made them with the intent of using alpha layers to nip in the waist.

Corsets and demos are available on the Marketplace and in-world at *Perception*.



They look great!

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