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*Perception* Coutil Corsets

Yes I know, I've been awful about blogging lately. But better late than never, right?
I put out a new set of mesh corsets in five colors of coutil.
The green one has extra floral flossing detail, and all but the tea-dyed one have rhinestone embellishments.

They're in the six sizes I've been using; the five standard sizes plus the M+ size for very curvy avatars. They also come with an adjustable unrigged lace piece and lace trim clothing layer.
Corsets and demos are available in-world at *Perception* and on the Marketplace.

The tea-dyed one is actually meant to be a virtual mockup; I've got some coutil that I tea-dyed after (sob) my iron spit on it. I'm still nervous about cutting into coutil, though. I also haven't decided exactly how I feel about the tea dyed coutil as both strength layer and fashion fabric. It's certainly practical-- a good color to wear as an undergarment, not quite as prone to getting dirty as white, cooler than if it had more layers, easier to clean than if it were flatlined to a silk fashion fabric layer. But I want and need the flatlining practice, and tea-dyed coutil just isn't as pretty as those dupionis I got from the Silk Baron scrap sale that have been waiting to become a fashion fabric layer of a corset. So I keep fiddling with the pattern more, and procrastinating.


Underbust Corset

I tried the demo of the corset and it is just amazing. It is definitely on my list of things to buy ASAP. Have you thought about doing an under bust model to take advantage to the lingerie, steampunk, & victorian market, among other things. Underbust corsets often look great with all kinds of outfits too. I have a sculptie under bust model from Le Luka, but your mesh is just so much better. A model that had both an over and underbust option would be my ideal. That way I could use it for just about everything. Maybe that could be done with a matching bra and stocking set, though. I don't know. I could find something or most likely dozens of things to co-ordinate with something like that, if you made it. Please consider doing one if you have the time. mj

It's on my list

An underbust style is on my to-do list. I've been playing around with various designs, but I haven't settled on anything specific yet.. so far I'm just fiddling around in Blender; I'm a tad trial-and-error about designs. I'm generally more of an overbust person, so I don't have nearly as much in the way of specific preferences for underbust corsets as for overbust styles. (So if you've got a particular style of underbust corset in mind, I'm all ears.)

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