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*Perception* Bustier-Dresses -- Color!

Bustier-Dresses in color are finally out at *Perception*! Original mesh dresses feature a dupioni silk outer with split-front bodice, zippered back closure, and peplum skirt. Underneath is a sparkly, body-hugging underdress. Colors range from sophisticated black to fun, flirty lime green.
*Perception* Bustier-Dresses with Dark Contrast*Perception* Bustier-Dresses with Dark Contrast

Dresses are L$285 each or L$985 per fatpack of five. Copy/Modify/No Transfer permissions. (Sizing cannot be altered.)

7 sizes: the five standard sizes plus special sizes M+ (for very curvy shapes) and Bx (for top-heavy shapes.)

Demos are available in-world a *Perception* and

*Perception* Bustier-Dresses with Silver Contrast*Perception* Bustier-Dresses with Silver Contrast

*Perception* Bustier-Dresses with Gold Contrast*Perception* Bustier-Dresses with Gold Contrast



I really like this latest dress.

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