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Peppers, Carrots, Herbs, Stevia (Another Garden Update)

Jalapenos (July 12)Jalapenos (July 12) Small Garden (July 12)Small Garden (July 12) Stevia Plant -- Ordered OnlineStevia Plant -- Ordered Online More on the garden. All the way to the left of the big garden I have jalapenos; they didn't fit into the pictures in the post I put up yesterday.

The jalapenos were ravaged by insects early on, so they're only now starting to actually grow. I had them under tulle floating row covers for awhile, and then starting using diatomaceous earth and pesticides to keep the bad things away from them. They're still kinda struggling, but are starting to establish themselves. (Same situation with the bell peppers, which are in the next picture down, but they seem to have recovered more quickly.)

Behind the jalapenos you can see the cantaloupes and watermelons that did fit into yesterday's pictures, and off to the right are the pumpkins and cucumbers.

I have marigolds interspersed throughout both gardens. None of them have bloomed yet so they're not all that obvious, but the ones that I put in earlier are starting to get quite large. There's a marigold plant in between the jalapenos and the cantaloupes too, but it's kinda hard to see exactly what's what in the picture.

I find garden photography so frustrating. Getting a closeup focused on one plant is one thing, but pictures of whole sections of garden end up looking confusing. Green in front of green, green behind green, green hidden and tucked behind green.. even labeled it's hard to tell what's what.

And the confusing-garden-pictures problem is nicely illustrated in the next picture. You can see the row of bell peppers, you can see the row of tomatoes to the right of it.. but then there's that left row. It has basil at the front, then a section with cilantro and oregano side by side behind the basil, and then a section of carrots. But the basil bush hides the oregano and cilantro, so I guess you'll just have to use your imagination to see them.

The original volunteer Brandywine tomato plant that sprouted up out of the top of my herb planter sometime around the end of winter is in the front of this row of tomatoes.. but you can't see it here. Perspective is so darn annoying in garden pictures!

And yes, I know, the deck is a bit of a cluttered mess. I really need to come up with some kind of decent outdoor storage solution. What am I supposed to do with not-currently-in-use plant supports, rakes, shovels, etc? It seems absurd to bring stuff like that all the way around front and into the garage when I still need them out back. We don't have a shed.

And the bottom picture is the Stevia Plant I ordered from a seller on Amazon. (It was one of those semi-Amazon purchases where you have to click the "see all buying options" rather than having a normal "add to cart" button. Not sure what's up with that, usually even things that aren't fulfilled by Amazon have a normal "add to cart" button. The seller on this one was "So Succulent Gardens.")

I decided to just buy a plant after figuring out that at least one of the seedlings I've been growing wasn't actually stevia. (The bottom one in that last stevia post turned out to be mint. This wasn't all that surprising as the mint I planted last year never sprouted.. so the seeds had to be somewhere!)


Composition looks well, given

Composition looks well, given the small space. How did things turn out, everything healthy? I am interested, as a professional, thanks.

Regards, Irvine, head of garden team for


Outdoor storage shed for the back yard!


Where would I PUT a storage shed in the back yard?
And sheds are expensive.. I wonder if I could built one. That is, after I figure out where the heck it would go. But there are all sorts of rules about sheds. I think they have to be the same color as the siding. Dunno what that would mean for us since we need new siding.

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