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Online Weirdnesses

I have followers listed on Google again, and the generic Google Friend Connect widget seems to be working. But if I try to turn the GFC module back on, I still get errors. I don't know what the deal is with that.

And about that "Big list of sewing blogs".. the one that I've had a link to on my page forever. I just searched, and I'm not on it! I know I submitted my blog to it ages ago, at the same time as I put up their badge on my site, but apparently they never bothered to add me. I used the find function in my browser, so it's not like I could have just not seen it--I'm not there. I'm a tad unsure as to why. I can't think of any good reason, so it seems likely that maybe the web hiccuped or something and it didn't submit? But there's not room on the form to explain that, just site name, address, and description... and I don't want to come off like I'm spamming them.

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