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*Perception* At the World Goth Fair!

*Perception* is participating in the World Goth Fair, with two new corsets, Inferno and Flame!
The fair benefits the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, so make sure to check it out if you haven't gotten there yet!

*Perception* Booth at the SL World Goth Fair
*Perception* Inferno Corset for WGF*Perception* Inferno Corset for WGF *Perception* Flame Corset for WGF*Perception* Flame Corset for WGF

Tea-dyed Coutil Corset! Finally!

Tea-dyed Coutil CorsetTea-dyed Coutil CorsetAfter much procrastinating, I've finally done an actual coutil corset! I tea-dyed the coutil because, um, it was white and my iron spit on it and left a stain. So dyeing it seemed logical, and white isn't so practical anyways. I'd originally figured on using a fashion fabric over it, but for my first coutil corset, I thought maybe it would be nice to just use the coutil.

It's a two-layer corset with sandwiched boning channels. It seems like a logical construction method, but I'm getting pretty frustrated with it. It's just so impossible to change anything once you've done much of anything at all. I was dumb enough to clip the seam allowances together instead of one side and then the other side in a different spot, which created wrinkle-looking things where there's less thickness because of the clipped seam allowances.. and then by the time I noticed it, there was really nothing I could do about it.
I'm not really liking the inside. I just couldn't really come up with any way to get the inside to look clean; the back of the flossing is just too visible. The hand embroidery isn't quite as bad but the back of the flossing just looks bad.
For my next corset I'm going to use one strength layer and just add boning channels wherever I need to. A single layer corset with a lining just looks so much nicer from the inside.
I'm wishy-washy about the shaping on the bottom edge, too. I think it turned out too not-one-thing-or-another. Not straight, but not shaped enough to look.. well, shaped.

I really am pretty happy with the corset overall! I think it looks decent and I'm excited to have completed my first coutil corset. There's just a lot that I can point to and say "next time, I'm not doing that." And assuming I listen to myself, that's good, I think.

Tea-dyed Coutil Corset Side BackTea-dyed Coutil Corset Side Back

I used a total of 32 steel bones. Twenty-four 1/4" spiral steels, four 1/2" spirals, two 1/4" spring steel bones and two extra thick spring steels. The extra-thick ones are sold as 1/4" but they're actually 3/8" wide. The extra thick ones are on the back edge and the regular spring steels are on the other side of the grommets.

I'll probably change the lacing-- either dye it purple or use more of that ribbon that I used for my denim corset.

*Perception* Coutil Corsets

Yes I know, I've been awful about blogging lately. But better late than never, right?
I put out a new set of mesh corsets in five colors of coutil.
The green one has extra floral flossing detail, and all but the tea-dyed one have rhinestone embellishments.

They're in the six sizes I've been using; the five standard sizes plus the M+ size for very curvy avatars. They also come with an adjustable unrigged lace piece and lace trim clothing layer.
Corsets and demos are available in-world at *Perception* and on the Marketplace.

The tea-dyed one is actually meant to be a virtual mockup; I've got some coutil that I tea-dyed after (sob) my iron spit on it. I'm still nervous about cutting into coutil, though. I also haven't decided exactly how I feel about the tea dyed coutil as both strength layer and fashion fabric. It's certainly practical-- a good color to wear as an undergarment, not quite as prone to getting dirty as white, cooler than if it had more layers, easier to clean than if it were flatlined to a silk fashion fabric layer. But I want and need the flatlining practice, and tea-dyed coutil just isn't as pretty as those dupionis I got from the Silk Baron scrap sale that have been waiting to become a fashion fabric layer of a corset. So I keep fiddling with the pattern more, and procrastinating.

Chat Gift Exchange -- Val's Capelet

Yea, I know I've been horrible about blogging lately.
So finally I'm getting around to posting about the capelet I made for Val for the PR chat gift exchange. I forgot to take pictures before mailing it, so the picture is Val's.

In the questionaire for the gift exchange, Val said she has fitting issues so she didn't think clothing was do-able. So I figured that she wouldn't be expecting clothing, and the Simplicity 3921 capelet doesn't require much fitting.
I used a turquoise wool gabardine and a light purple dupioni for the lining. Originally I was planning on using these two purple appliques I had from a mystery box as a front embellishment.. but then I realized that they were identical, not mirror images of each other, so there went that idea. So I dug through my trims box some more and pulled out the ruffly white lace, which was excuse to use the jar of purple dye-na-flow that had been sitting on my desk since some sale a year or two ago. So I got experimental and dyed the lace purple. First I tried painting it on, but then I realized that for bright color it needs salt, so I ended up mixing it with some water and salt in a plastic container and letting it soak. I still have to figure out what else to dye purple, assuming that the dye-water-and-salt mixture is still good. It's sitting on my kitchen counter.

The instructions on the dye say to iron it to set the color. Obviously this wasn't particularly practical with ruffly lace. Happily, a hair dryer works too! I soaked, hair-dryed, repeated a bit to get the color where I wanted it. Then hand-washed it with some detergent to get off the salt and excess dye. Water ran clear, and lace was still purple. Yay!
Then I hand-sewed that flowery trim (another mystery box item) over the seam where I'd sewn on the purple lace, so that the seam wouldn't be visible.

Val thinks it could be reversible. If I'd thought of that I would have put a button on the other side too! Val had told me awhile ago that she was allergic to wool but that she could wear it so long as it was lined. For some reason it didn't occur to me that as I was making something that she'd wear over other clothes, the wool allergy was irrelevant anyways. And the lace isn't exactly the same color as the lining.
But Val was all happy and so I'm all happy.
And now I've finally blogged it!

*Perception* Damask Corsets

I've released another set of rigged mesh corsets, this time in damask. (Plus that turquoise straggler that belongs with the dupioni set.) I used a cream-colored damask jacquard from a FabricMart bundle as the base texture, which I think turned out quite well.
*Perception* Damask Corsets*Perception* Damask Corsets
I actually put them up last week, but I've been procrastinating about blogging them. Partly because I needed to update my Drupal version (which I did this morning) and partly because I've been having issues getting pictures I like.
I'd really much prefer to take some pictures with a decent backdrop instead of just cutting out the solid background, but nothing seems quite right. I'm not even quite sure what it is that I want for a background.. just that whatever it is, I don't have it. (Suggestions on that would be appreciated..)

My corsets use standard sizing XXS-L, plus the M+ size intended for very curvy avatars. (Based on Inhandra's shape.) The M+ here isn't actually as different as it is for some other garments since I made them with the intent of using alpha layers to nip in the waist.

Corsets and demos are available on the Marketplace and in-world at *Perception*.

Corsetry in Second Life

Bejeweled Sky Corset: On the Marketplace and In-World at *Perception*!Bejeweled Sky Corset: On the Marketplace and In-World at *Perception*! Black Dupioni CorsetBlack Dupioni CorsetThe first of my mesh corsets are now up in-world and on the Marketplace!

So far I've done versions in black, white, "blue raspberry" (purple,) and "bejeweled sky" (A dark blue with rhinestones.)

I'm still fiddling with fabrics and embellishments. Ideally this will be a good way of planning future corsets.

My Skirt in a Video!

*Does happy dance*

Mesh Corset (No, not mesh fabric.)

Mesh Corset: In-progress mesh corset.Mesh Corset: In-progress mesh corset. Yes, I'm still making digital stuff.
I've got most of the modeling on this corset finished, but currently it's just got basic baked textures. (I baked with 0 margin so that the seams would at least be visible, but besides the UV unwrapping and baking the textures, that's all I've really done so far as texturing it. I did get quite detailed with the modeling on this one, though.

*Perception* Shetland Wool Skirts

*Perception* Shetland Wool Skirt: Available on the SL Marketplace and in-world at *Perception**Perception* Shetland Wool Skirt: Available on the SL Marketplace and in-world at *Perception*
I've finally finished some rigged mesh!
It's up on the marketplace and at my in-world shop, currently in five colors (grey, black, red, navy, and purple.) I'll probably put up some additional colors too.

I finally caved and started using the Standard Sizing, largely because I didn't have any better ideas. The parametric deformer should make sizing less of an issue once it's implemented, but it hasn't been yet and I may as well go with what's available. They're saying it's going to be specified on upload, so meshes made with standard sizing now shouldn't break when the deformer goes live. (And may continue to look better, depending on how things go.) Besides the five standard sizes, I did an additional one I'm calling "Medium plus" that's based off of Inhandra's shape, meant to fit a curvy shape that seems to have been left out of the standard sizing.

Eku and Ame were my guinea pigs, and great guinea pigs at that! Eku had some really great advice, although seeing her in-world was rather disorienting; I'm used to that adorable little-girl-with-a-giant-strawberry-stuffed-in-her-mouth forum avatar.

For you seamstresses thinking I'm crazy, it's Shetland wool because I used the GIMP resynthesize plugin to create the base texture from a photo of some Shetland wool. :P (Yes, I know, you still think I'm crazy.)

More Second Life Shoes

In-Progress Sweater BootsIn-Progress Sweater BootsIn-Progress Wedge BootsIn-Progress Wedge BootsIn Progress WedgesIn Progress WedgesRandom Shoe Parts in BlenderRandom Shoe Parts in Blender Yes, I know it's strange, I'm not a shoe person in real life. But SL shoes are fun. And SL heels don't make my avatar fall on her face.

So I've been sculpting shoes, in various phases from half-started to half-finished. Some of them are getting there, though! I've worked on the sweater boots a bit more since I took this picture, I should have them up in-world soon.

I'm doing these as sculpties. It doesn't really make sense to do rigged meshes here-- between fitting issues and the fact that plenty of people still aren't using mesh-capable viewers, the advantages of rigging just wouldn't be enough.

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