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More Progress on My Denim Corset -- Bottom Edge Bound

Denim Corset -- More ProgressDenim Corset -- More Progress 25 Inches!: And I got another inch of reduction!25 Inches!: I got another inch of reduction!
I've gotten the bottom edge bound, and most of the flossing on the bottom. I think I'll have to lower the edge under my arms a bit, it feels too high. And the bottom edge pulls apart a bit. But the fit is a definate improvement, and there's not too much in the way of wrinkling. And I can get my waist down to 25 inches! I still have a bit of a gap in the back, too. It feels like I might have placed the waist tape a bit too high; it feels like it's putting pressure on my floating ribs, and I'd meant it to be just below that, I'm not sure exactly how I screwed that up.
It's using mostly 1/4" spiral steels, with flat steels on either site of the grommets in the back, and a couple of cable ties in the back, too; I'm low on flat steels. I'm pretty happy with the progress, though!
The top edge pulls apart, too. I might actually just cut a centimeter or so off the top all around, or almost all around, rather than only lowering the sides under my arms, perhaps it just comes up too high in the front.
There might even be a coutil version in the near-ish future.


Very very nice!

Do you feel as if it gives you enough back support? (I remember you mentioning that in a previous post.)

That's more complicated than it sounds..

I think a lot of the benefit to my back is just from the fact that a corset makes it difficult to slouch or bend from the back. So in that sense, it's less the corset providing support than preventing me from doing those things that you're not supposed to do because they're bad for your back.
I'm also still experimenting with boning schemes for it, so precisely what support it has where isn't fully decided. Dfr suggested last night that it would work better for me if I didn't bone the seams going right over my bust, but just to the sides, since I don't want to minimize what little chest I actually have.
And since I haven't flossed the tops of the channels, there's still some shifting of the bones, which alters their behavior.

I think my back's opinion of a corset is more qualitative than quantitative.

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