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Guilt-Free Cheesecake!

After some experimenting, I've come up with a lightened cheesecake that I'm actually happy with. At 151 calories a slice. And 10 grams of protein. Eat a couple slices, and you might get away with calling it a meal!

Guilt-free Cheesecake!: It's a miracle!Guilt-free Cheesecake!: It's a miracle!

This recipe makes 8 slices. I'm using a 7" springform pan, so it won't look as thick if you're using a regular 9" cake pan. I got this one on Amazon. I've used it exactly twice so far so I can't speak for its durability, but so far I like it.

I used brownie mix for the "crust" but something else could certainly be substituted. I didn't have graham crackers or oreos on hand when I started experimenting, so I decided to just go with the brownie crust.

My Ingredients:

1/2 Cup Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies

1 Container Egg Beaters Original Perfect Portions
1 Cup Fage Nonfat Greek Strained Yogurt
1/2 Package Philadelphia Cream Cheese - Neufchatel (4 oz)
3/4 Cup Polly-o - Part-skim Ricotta Cheese
1/8 Cup Honeyville Soy Protein Isolate
1.5 Cups Granulated Splenda (Or less, if you prefer. It did turn out pretty sweet.)
2 Teaspoons Vanilla Extract

1/2 Can Comstock No Sugar Added Cherry Pie Filling

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
Grease and flour your spring-form pan. (I use non-stick cooking spray.) If you don't have a springform pan, I've also been able to get away with carefully covering a normal cake pan with aluminum foil, and then greasing and flouring that.

In a small bowl, mix your 1/2 cup of brownie mix with some of the egg beaters and a bit of water. Spread that on the bottom of the pan And let it bake for a few minutes. (I'd suggest waiting until you're almost finished making the main filling before baking doing that.)

In a larger bowl, combine the Greek yogurt, Neufchatel cream cheese, Ricotta cheese, soy protein, Splenda, vanilla extract, and the rest of the egg beaters. Beat with a hand mixer until smooth. (A stick blender or something would probably do it too.)

After the crust has started to bake a bit, take it out of the oven and pour the cheesecake filling on top. Put it back in the oven and bake for about 50-60 minutes. You could probably avoid cracks by doing the whole water bath thing, but since I'm putting the cherry pie filling on top anyway, I'm not concerned about the cracks. It does rise above the edge of the pan a bit, but it sinks back down after it's been removed from the oven, and I haven't had it overflow and make a mess or anything.

Let the cheesecake cool first on the counter, and then in the refrigerator. Once it's finished chilling, spread the cherry pie filling on top. And voilà, you have dessert. Or lunch!

Each slice (1/8th of the cheesecake) has 151 calories, 7 grams of fat, 10 grams of protein, and 9 grams of sugar.

Chocolate Chip Health Cookies!

It's been forever since I did a cooking post, but I made some cookies that needed to be blogged. I've been seeing all these recipes lately for health desserts with beans and greek yogurt and all sorts of interesting ingredients, so I decided to try my hand at this. Introducing, the Chocolate Chip Super Health Cookie!
Chocolate Chip Health CookiesChocolate Chip Health Cookies
1 Jumbo Egg
1 Jumbo Egg White
Domino - Dark Brown Sugar, 1/4 Cup
Splenda - Granulated 3/4 Cup
1 Banana
Plain Non-fat Greek Yogurt 6oz (1 container)
Canned Chick Peas 1/2 cup
Vanilla Extract, 2 tsp (4g)

Milled Flax Seeds, 1/4 Cup
Soy Flour, 1/2 cup
Bread Flour 1/4 cup
Old Fashioned Oats Dry, 1 1/2 Cups
Baking soda, 1 tsp
Salt, 1/4 tsp

Mini Dark Chocolate Chips, 1/2 Cup

I'd read so many different recipes, and sorta ended up trying a bit of everything in this one. Procedure is the same as for any other cookies. Mix together the dry ingredients and set aside. Beat the eggs with the sugar and vanilla, and then add in the chick peas, banana, and Greek yogurt.
I used a stick blender instead of a regular mixer, so it smashed the chick peas for me. I also put the oats in a coffee grinder first, and ground most of them into a flour.
Mix in the dry ingredients, and then mix in the chocolate chips.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 10-12 minutes (whenever they start to brown.) It actually ended up making a lot of dough, about 3 cups worth, so I only baked half of it and stuck the other half in the refrigerator. I'm debating freezing it, but we'll see how fast the cookies go! Each cup of dough should make about 12 normal-sized cookies.

The flavor is very banana-y, I'm thinking that next time I'll only use half a banana and see how that goes. I may also cut back on the dry ingredients or add some water, because without butter, they don't spread out the way cookies ordinarily would while baking, so making the dough as thick as regular cookie dough probably wasn't the best idea. They are very nice and moist, they actually have more of a muffin feel to them.

Each cookie (assuming you make 3 dozen from the recipe) is 58 calories, with 3 grams of protein, 2 grams of fat, and 1 gram of fiber.

*Perception* At Zodiac -- Leo is the Final Round!

*Perception* Sweetheart Overbust in Black Leather (Back)*Perception* Sweetheart Overbust in Black Leather (Back)

Leo is the final round of Zodiac, and *Perception* is participating with an extra special offering! In honor of bold, ambitious Leo, *Perception* Sweetheart Overbust corsets are being introduced for this round in 7 gorgeous shades of leather, for the special limited-time price of L$195 each!

*Perception* at Zodiac Leo

Corsets come in 7 sizes: the five standard sizes, plus special sizes M+ and Bx. Three alpha layer options are provided, as well as full-perm copies of alpha textures for easy tweaking.

*Perception* Sweetheart Overbust Corsets in Leather: For Leo, the final round of Zodiac!*Perception* Sweetheart Overbust Corsets in Leather: For Leo, the final round of Zodiac!
In addition to the leather sweetheart overbust corsets, overbust and underbust corsets featuring the Leo constellation are also available, at the discounted price of L$185 each.
*Perception* Constellation Corsets for Leo*Perception* Constellation Corsets for Leo

These discounted prices are only available until the end of this round of Zodiac, so make sure to get over there before it's over!

Purple Satin Overbust!

Purple Satin Overbust PhotoPurple Satin Overbust Photo
My purple satin overbust is finished! (I think.)

It has 28 1/4" spiral steels, two of those extra thick flat steels that sells as 1/4" but are actually 5/16", and four regular 1/4" flat steels (on the sides of the lacing.)

The fashion fabric layer is an utterly infuriating silk/rayon slipper satin interfaced with fusible tricot, the strength layer is black English coutil, and the lining is that mysterious handkerchief maybe-linen with the bizarre description about being "100% handkerchief linen" that breathes like linen and is mistaken for linen but wears better than linen.

I originally intended just to do the lace embellishment at the top and bottom, but then a rogue bit of fusible web attached itself to the outside of the satin, and in trying to get it out, a light spot developed.. so it needed more lace to cover it up.

Purple Satin Overbust BackPurple Satin Overbust Back

Jet swarovski crystals in ss6 and ss8 sizes accent the black lace and crystal AB crystals accent the silver-edged lace.

I'm still not sure what to wear with it. I'll definitely have to make some kind of bolero, probably in either purple chiffon or silver lace.
Purple Satin Overbust Embellishment FrontPurple Satin Overbust Embellishment Front
Purple Satin Overbust Embellishment Front BottomPurple Satin Overbust Embellishment Front Bottom

*Perception* Aries

Sorry I'm late with the Aries post!*Perception* Aries -- Leather Neck Corsets*Perception* Aries -- Leather Neck Corsets

This month for Zodiac, in addition to the monthly Constellation Corsets featuring this month's sign created with rhinestones, *Perception* has released a new mesh -- neck corsets!

*Perception* Aries -- Leather Neck Corset Back*Perception* Aries -- Leather Neck Corset Back

Available at a special price -- L$115 each -- just for Zodiac, these leather neck corsets feature the same detailed geometry you've come to expect from *Perception*. Included are 7 sizes: the five standard sizes XXS-L, plus special sizes M+ and Bx. Purchase also includes an alpha layer and a full-perm copy of the alpha texture for easy tweaking.

*Perception* Aries -- Constellation Corsets*Perception* Aries -- Constellation Corsets
Constellation Corsets are L$185 each and include seven sizes as well as several alpha layer options and full-perm copies of alpha textures.

All items are copy/modify/no transfer

Find them at Zodiac through the end of Aries!

*Perception* Aries -- Leather Neck Corset Front*Perception* Aries -- Leather Neck Corset Front

Aquamarine Corset

I finished my aquamarine corset!
Aquamarine CorsetAquamarine Corset
The fashion fabric layer is aquamarine dupioni from Silk Baron interfaced with fusible tricot. Strength layer is one layer of black English coutil from King and Company, and it's lined with purple couture linen from FabricMart. I used the King and Company Celine underbust pattern. It's supported by 24 quarter-inch spiral steels, 4 regular 1/4" flat steels (sandwiching the grommet panels) and two of those extra-thick flat steels that sells as 1/4" but are actually 3/8". I put the extra-thick ones in the side-back seams to improve the back support. I boned all of the seams as usual, and used black tubular bone casings between seams for the additional bones.
Aquamarine Corset Front Embellishment Close-Up.Aquamarine Corset Front Embellishment Close-Up.
I embellished it with two different types of lace; a fuchsia stretch lace and a black lace netting "shadowing" the front lace embellishment. The fuchsia lace was a bad choice, it wanted to pull and snag and unravel at every chance. I ended up applying small bits of fusible web and liquid thread with the a flat hotfix tip to stabilize the lace. Next time I'm definitely going to be much more careful about selecting the lace. I like the visual effect of this lace, it was just really not well suited to being cut out and sewn to a corset.

I used black silk threads for the flossing, which was also unnecessarily difficult. I liked the look better than using topstitching thread, but I didn't have any black dupioni so I used threads from another black silk that wasn't as thick and required more threads. Next time I'll either make sure I have the right colors to use dupioni weft or I'll get some silk embroidery thread.

I accented the lace embellishment with hotfix swarvoski crystals. I used a few ss10 AB crystals on the protruding parts of the pink lace, but the majority of the of the crystals I used were the teeny tiny ss6 crystals. I used jet ones on the black shadowing lace lace and a few different colors from a "passion" pack (which contains shades of pink, red, and purple) scattered around the fuchsia lace.
Aquamarine Neck "Corset"Aquamarine Neck "Corset"

I had just enough of the aquamarine dupioni left to make a neck "corset"/posture collar thingy to match. It's kinda cute, but next time I make one of those things, it must have a zipper! I'm not entirely sure how I'll fit a zipper in because the back felt thick and awkward to work with as it was, but it's a pain to get on and off and it really needs a zipper in addition to the lacing.
Aquamarine Corset FinishedAquamarine Corset Finished

Despite my zillion complaints about my choices on this one, I'm actually very happy with the results. This is only the second corset I've made with coutil, and the last coutil corset (the tea-dyed one) didn't have a separate fashion fabric layer, so I learned a lot with this corset.

*Perception* Bustier-Dresses -- Color!

Bustier-Dresses in color are finally out at *Perception*! Original mesh dresses feature a dupioni silk outer with split-front bodice, zippered back closure, and peplum skirt. Underneath is a sparkly, body-hugging underdress. Colors range from sophisticated black to fun, flirty lime green.
*Perception* Bustier-Dresses with Dark Contrast*Perception* Bustier-Dresses with Dark Contrast

Dresses are L$285 each or L$985 per fatpack of five. Copy/Modify/No Transfer permissions. (Sizing cannot be altered.)

7 sizes: the five standard sizes plus special sizes M+ (for very curvy shapes) and Bx (for top-heavy shapes.)

Demos are available in-world a *Perception* and

*Perception* Bustier-Dresses with Silver Contrast*Perception* Bustier-Dresses with Silver Contrast

*Perception* Bustier-Dresses with Gold Contrast*Perception* Bustier-Dresses with Gold Contrast

*Perception* At Unhinged

Unhinged Double Chain NecklacesUnhinged Double Chain Necklaces
I made a mesh skull for Unhinged. Then I had to figure out what to do with it. So I did decor and jewelery.

The decor skulls are generally about 2 LI. (Side rant: My head is exploding over just how the LI works, as a blogger mentioned them as being just 1 LI sometimes, but I've never seen them go that low! Unless they're linked to something else. Confusing. as. heck. The size/LI calculations have got to be some sort of voodoo.) But anyways, they go nicely on a mantle or as a bookend or any of that other fun decorative stuff you might want a skull for.

Skull Necklace GatchaSkull Necklace Gatcha

The decor skull gatcha is L$30 per play, the single pendant necklace is L$50 per play, and the double chain necklace is L$65 per play. All are 75% to Eku's head. So get down to Unhinged in-world and play some gatchas! There's lots of other cool stuff there too!
Decorative Skull GatchaDecorative Skull Gatcha

*Perception* Femme Fatale Dresses in Solid Colors

*Perception* Femme Fatale Dresses -- Solid Colors*Perception* Femme Fatale Dresses -- Solid Colors
Femme Fatale dresses are now available at the *Perception* Main Store! The black-and-white dresses from Cinema are for sale as well as a new set of Femme Fatale dresses in solid colors: burgandy, scarlet, gold, green, blue, and purple.
Dresses are L$265 each. The solid color fatpack includes all six solid colored dresses for L$985 and the black-and-white fatpack contains the four black-and-white dress for L$865.

Two alpha layer options are included along with full-perm copies of the alpha layer textures for easy adjustments and customizations. Also included are top and bottom glitch layers for maximum compatibility.

7 sizes: the 5 standard sizes XXS-L plus special sizes M+ (for very curvy shapes) and Bx (for top-heavy shapes.) While rigged mesh cannot be resized, the dress does come with modify permissions.

Demos are available in-world and on the marketplace.

Taxi to the new *Perception* Main Store on Mint Tulip

*Perception* Bustier-Dress at Cinema

*Perception* Bustier-Dress in White: For Cinema in Film Noir.*Perception* Bustier-Dress in White: For Cinema in Film Noir.In addition to the Femme Fatale Dress, a stunning bustier-dress is available at the *Perception* store in the Cinema event.

This brand new mesh is for sale in black with silver contrast and white with dark contrast in the in the stunning black-and-white-only Film Noir section of the event.

The event and venue are truly amazing, with a gorgeous cinema build. If you haven't checked it out yet, be sure to go!
*Perception* Bustier-Dress in Black: For Cinema in Film Noir.*Perception* Bustier-Dress in Black: For Cinema in Film Noir.

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