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New Sculpties

Sculpted Ballet FlatsSculpted Ballet FlatsFree Christmas Ballet FlatsFree Christmas Ballet FlatsSculpted FurnitureSculpted FurnitureSculpted Display FurnitureSculpted Display FurnitureSculpted CurtainsSculpted Curtains Yes, I've been working on stuff.. but most of it has been digital.
I bought the development version of Primstar 2 so I've been doing mostly sculpts rather than mesh. A lot of people still aren't using mesh viewers, and sculpties are more efficient for a lot of purposes.
I finished up the sculpted ballet flats I've been working on, although I've only got the black up for sale in my shop, Perception. (And the free Christmas version, which is sitting on the desk.)

I've done some furniture sculpts, mostly stuff like the clothing rack, shelves, and easel that I wanted to use in my shop.

The sculpted curtains still need a bit of work; they look fine, but the angle is off so they don't really stretch easily. I've also been doing them as planes, which makes them one-sided. I should probably try them as cylinders, but of course then there won't be as much detail. Eventually I'll have both plane and cylinder versions, I guess.
The bottom pieces of the jeans are also sculpted. Weird things happen at the ankle in SL's standard system pants layer, especially on anything that's not skin-tight.

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