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My Latest Mystery Bundle (June 2011)

Mystery Bundle -- June 2011Mystery Bundle -- June 2011 I got an order from FabricMart last week, and I still hadn't posted about the mystery bundle because I've been a bad bad blogger who hasn't kept up with posting. I was gardening and reading some zombie books. Yes, I know I've gotta put up more garden pictures too.

So anyways, here's the bundle. It's not bad, but definitely not the best bundle I've ever gotten. The two on the left are synthetics, 1 5/8 yards of a light blue polyester satin and something that's synthetic and navy blue. I'll have to see what it thinks of water; if it's water repellant, it might be useful. Then there's 1 3/8 yards of this "heirloom" cotton print, 2 1/2 yards yards of this cotton/spandex shirting, and 2 yards of the same strange silk print I got in my last mystery bundle. Generally I'm happy with any silk.. but I really have no idea what to do with this stuff! The print is strange and I didn't know what to think of two yards of the stuff, let alone four!

I'll have to do a "best of mystery bundles" post one of these days. I got some really good mystery bundle fabrics last fall, like the green silk gazar and the blue charmeuse.


The silk panels ...

*cough* Send them to me! *cough*
It's a border print, right?


It's a border print. Well it doesn't go all the way around the edge.. but it's panels, not a "normal" print.
I didn't think you did sheers. This stuff isn't completely transparent, but I would describe it as sheer. I'd been sorta-kinda referring to it as a chiffon, but it is definitely heavier and less sheer than my other chiffons.
ROFL, and I can't seem to come up with anything at all to say about it that isn't ambiguous.

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