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My Bug-Bitten Feet (And a Solution!)


Benadryl-and-baking-soda-paste-lotion-ed FeetBenadryl-and-baking-soda-paste-lotion-ed Feet
No, it's not calamine lotion. I didn't have any of that on hand. But you see, I was complaining about my bug-bitten feet (just how they got bitten, I'm not sure. Kris didn't get bitten. And it's mainly only my right foot and leg that got bitten, with a few bites on my left foot) and dfr suggested benadryl. I take diphenhydramine (the generic name for benadryl) to sleep anyways, so this seemed reasonable, except that then it's not targeted.. so I started wondering if some kind of crushed diphenhydramine solution would work.

And then I read a Tipnut article about ways to relieve itching from mosquito bites, and it mentioned baking soda paste. So I figured, if baking soda paste is helpful, baking soda paste mixed with powdered benadryl would be even better!

So I dashed into the kitchen, crushed up some benadryl (six pills, I think? I figured that if it's topical, there's no such thing as too much.. I hope!) mixed it with baking soda and water, and smeared it all over. I found that it dried out quickly and started flaking off, so I added some Jergens Ultra Healing lotion too.

And it's actually working!

I also read on that Tipnut page that basil is supposed to help with itching. I seriously considered smearing my feet with pesto! After all, the garlic would help keep more bugs away too, right? But that would get awfully messy.. not that the benadryl-baking-soda-paste-lotion isn't messy.. but it's light pink. And doesn't smell like much. And doesn't have oil in it. Pesto is green, has a strong smell, and is greasy. That could make for a much worse mess. And of course, Piper would want to eat the pesto. The remedy would become quite a bit less effective if the dog licked it off!

Bug Bite De-Itcher Recipe:
(measurements are approximate)

  • Six 25mg diphenhydramine (Benadryl) tablets, crushed
  • Four tablespoons baking soda
  • Just enough water to turn that mixture into a paste
  • Lotion of your choice to make it more lotion-y and less paste-y. (In whatever quantity you like.)

Caution: I took my usual dose of diphenhydramine for sleep. I have no idea whether the topical application alone can make you drowsy, or to what extent. Use with caution, and don't drive or operate heavy machinery at least until you know how it will affect you. That may or may not include sewing machines. And just because some sewing machines aren't heavy doesn't mean you should operate them with any kind of impairment!



I love it! So how are your feet feeling now?

Love.. bug bites?? No!

Never say that! Bad bad bug bites! Actually I think they were chiggers and not mosquitoes, which also explains how I got bitten and Kris didn't.
They're a lot better now, although my right foot is quite spotted. It'd gotten a bit swollen on Saturday, because for all my focusing on making it stop itching I forgot that I should put an antibiotic on it! So my latest batch included antibiotic ointment too. Some of them are still splotchy, but I think the bigger splotches are from the pinkness in the benadryl.
We have thoroughly insecticided the yard, too. I insecticided most of the garden, I'll do it again today. Bad bad bad bugs!

Hi, I was thinking of trying

I was thinking of trying something similar and found your post.
Baking soda part is interesting, I'll have to look into that a little more.
thank you
Just wanted to point out that the previous comment where the woman said "love it" she was most likely refering to your bug bite recipe, certainly not the actual bites or bugs Smile

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