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More Second Life Shoes

In-Progress Sweater BootsIn-Progress Sweater BootsIn-Progress Wedge BootsIn-Progress Wedge BootsIn Progress WedgesIn Progress WedgesRandom Shoe Parts in BlenderRandom Shoe Parts in Blender Yes, I know it's strange, I'm not a shoe person in real life. But SL shoes are fun. And SL heels don't make my avatar fall on her face.

So I've been sculpting shoes, in various phases from half-started to half-finished. Some of them are getting there, though! I've worked on the sweater boots a bit more since I took this picture, I should have them up in-world soon.

I'm doing these as sculpties. It doesn't really make sense to do rigged meshes here-- between fitting issues and the fact that plenty of people still aren't using mesh-capable viewers, the advantages of rigging just wouldn't be enough.



Hi there, I just bought the same Necchi that you reviewed. It came with a manual and indicates that it is a Necchi 502. There isn't much info online about it, but I did find your review via the "Heavy Duty" label! Mine says it was for school use and has all metal parts. Not sure how it works yet it is very stiff. Good Luck.

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