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Making Mojo

If y'all haven't noticed (oh hush, dfr -- I hear what you're thinking! :P ) I'm in a bit of a sewing slump.
I've been spending a lot of time out in the garden, and I guess it's gotten me out of my sewing mindset. I want to sew, really I do. I just don't know what I want to sew.

I stare at my stash.
I peruse my patterns.
I just don't do.

I browse pattern sites, even though I know perfectly well that new patterns aren't going to get me sewing. Yea, there are patterns I like that I don't have, but there are also plenty of patterns I like that I do have. And appropriate fabrics for most of them.
I browse fashion sites, staring at styles and looks that I might like to try.

I have patterns.
I have fabric.
I have reasonably matching thread for most of my fabric.

I'm not one of those people who feels overwhelmed by their stash. Maybe it's just because I haven't been sewing long, and maybe it's because I learned to start being picky after six months or so, but I generally find my stash inspiring rather than intimidating. I don't necessarily know exactly what I want to do with a particular fabric when I get it, but I usually have some idea.

I just don't know what to sew.
I'd like to make a Rennaissance Venetian Camicia. I don't have enough white linen, but I do have plenty of that steel grey handkerchief maybe-linen that I could wash up and probably use, and I've got some cotton gauze that might work. I want to make a Venetian dress eventually, and really do need to make the underthings for it first. I could even do it out of some nice cheap white broadcloth. I certainly have plenty of that to play with.

I want to start a coutil corset, but that means committing to an exact pattern. I know I want to use the pattern I drafted according to the FR instructions, but I'm not sure if I want it to be exactly the same as my denim version, or if I want to decrease the cinching a bit. The curve of the denim one is a bit much for wearing under modern clothing. And while the English coutil from King and Company on Etsy is cheaper than anywhere else, but it's still nice English coutil, and I don't want to ruin any! And do I want to leave it white, or maybe tea-dye it? I find white difficult to wear since it shows any little speck of dirt so easily. (Not that I don't generally wear my corsets under my clothing anyways.) Or do I want to use some of my dupioni from the Silk Baron scrap sale as the fashion fabric layer? And if I do that, do I want to fuse it to the coutil or not?

I think I'm stuck in one of those "want to use the nice fabric, but don't want to hurt it" spots.

So just how does one go about regaining sewing mojo?


I'm in Lust!

With that stash cabinet! Oh to have a sewing room with real walls! By that, I mean walls that are taller than 4'....

OK, another stoopid puter question (this should be MUCH easier to answer than the GIMP photo ID question...which I still haven't dealt with.... Can I do the emoticons in my blogspot posts?


Have you made my toothbrushing bib yet?

mojo and more

Maggie, what a beautifully arranged stash. Wow. It will be a shame to mess it up when your mojo returns. When I am in the place you are, I just let myself NOT sew. Maybe draw, or do needlework, or cook (with you fabulous veges). It will return when it is ready, and you will be waiting. Smile

Do I need to DARE you?

That has worked in the past! LOL I am playing with/cussing at pattern tissue this morning, so my mojo is coming back in the form of the proverbial "wild hair". Mock up your camica in the white broadcloth - you'll probably need to tweak the pattern anyway. As for the stash pic - post a much larger version so I can virtually peruse your stash!

Coutil is Beyond Dares

The sanctity of the coutil is far beyond mere dares! Besides, it's not daring that's worked. It's pestering. Tongue (I have got to install that emoticon module..)
The white broadcloth would work as the semi-real fabric for the camicia; it would certainly look fine, it would just be a bit warm for wearing under a heavier dress.
The picture pops up a bit bigger if you click on it. I can't seem to get a decent big pic of my stash-- can't really use a flash because it reflects, can't really focus on the fabric rather than the glass, I show up reflected in the glass.. and the pictures in generally turn out static-y.
It's that blue stuff in the middle of the bottom row that I think I'm going to use for a Venetian dress.

500x500px is your idea of large?

I had 1500-2000px per side in mind ... is there a smiling devil emoticon? LOL Of course the coutil is beyond dare ... I had other things in mind. Mwhahaha!

Happy now?

Stash Photo for dfrStash Photo for dfr
Happy now? Bigger pics have to use flash.. the ones without the flash are all static-y and speckle-y.
The side "doors" on the china-cabinet-turned-stash-cabinet don't open. (Whatta ya expect for a china cabinet I got for $15?! It does its job. I didn't have "must make stash highly photogenic so that dfr can virtually peruse my stash" in my criteria when searching craigslist for a cheap china cabinet.)

>) or :evil: for a devil emoticon.
And :crown: for an emoticon with a crown, typoqueen.
And if Val is around here somewhere, it's 0:) or :innocent: for an angel.


That actually ***is*** an empty spot in the center!!! Ya know, although some I recognize because I have the same fabric, I still can't make out some of the others. You'll need to mail them to me.

The middle shelf is shorter!

The middle shelf is shorter! It only fits narrow fabrics. Most of my fabrics are wider. Most of my fabrics are too wide to fit onto that shelf. I'm not gonna run around buying narrow fabrics just to stuff a short shelf. Tongue Besides, I'm sure there will be quilting fabrics on sale that I will need. Those are always narrow.
Although actually I think I have some shirtings over in my cubbyhole shelf thingy that would fit onto that shelf.. But I don't wanna stuff the middle shelf anyways because there are chiffons and charmeuses over to the side. I don't wanna squish them.

Hmm.. I can't seem to get the devil emoticon to work using any of the shorthands with a > in it. It does work though. Evil Just with the evil in colons. I'm thinking maybe the > the is problematic in the translation.
Was the last one supposed to be the Crown ? (I figured it was so I updated the emoticon to use that shorthand too.)

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