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I've been sewing! (Vogue 8599)

Vogue 8599 VestVogue 8599 Vest I did this Vogue vest in the same grey wool suiting as the Simplicity 2758 skirt in my last post. It was the only vest pattern I had at the time (I picked up another one at the most recent $.99 Simplicity sale at Joann.)

I'm feeling rather "meh" about this vest. The only real problem with it is that the armhole shape is weird.
There's just rather little that seems right about it.
"Unlined vest" sounds like it should be a fairly simple project. This was not.
For one thing, It called for an absolutely ridiculous amount of slip-stitching. Slipstitching has its place-- like to close up the hole after turning a lining to the inside. All around all of the facings is not a good use for slipstitching. I ended up making inappropriate use of stitch-witchery to keep the facings in place and just doing some very large slipstitches around the edges as a supplement that.

I'm not fond of the triple darts in the front. I guess I haven't pressed them well enough, better pressing will probably improve the look. But they just seem a bit purposeless; they don't seem to play a prominant role in the visual effect (you can barely see them on the envelope cover) and they're not particularly effective in fitting. Looking closely at the envelope again, the vest doesn't seem to properly fit the dress form they used to model it.

The design of the vest is obviously not meant for warm weather, and the fact that it's unlined seems to make it more complicated to sew, so what's the point of not lining it?

The collar bit is interesting, but I'm far more likely to try to frankenpattern it onto another vest pattern than I am to sew this one again.
It's not awful or anything, and I wouldn't specifically not recommend the pattern. My main complaint seems to be that I feel as though an unlined vest should not be this labor-intensive.



Wow, that's one involved vest pattern. Considering all, I think you did a good job.

The armholes appear to be cutaway armholes. Is that possibly what you meant by its shape being weird?

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