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Gardening Gloves

Leather Gardening GlovesLeather Gardening Gloves I stopped by Lowe's a couple of days ago, and finally picked up gardening gloves. I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to get a pair. True, I can't really tie bows wearing gloves, so I need to take them off to tie plants to fences and stakes, but for weeding and pruning, it was pretty silly of me not to have gloves! I'll have to make gloves eventually, but I haven't gotten to it yet, and I really needed them. So I got the most comfortable pair that seemed to fit the best.

I just have one question. Whose stupid idea was it to make gardening gloves out of white leather?! Seriously, who was smoking what when they decided that it would be a wonderful idea to make gloves meant for playing in the dirt out of white leather??


I realized that only now,

I realized that only now, yeah.. come to think of it, why a white leather for gardening gloves? It will get a lot of stain which are usually will be stuck on it forever! Colored ones are more appropriate in my opinion. I would definitely go for colored gardening gloves.

I agree with marec

Gardening gloves are another item that I have an obscene amount of. I go through them at a ridiculous rate - they get temporarily lost & then get beaten up by the weather before I find them (white is a GOOD thing in this case!), they get holes at the tips of the thumb (first) then the fingers, I match the still good left hand of one with the still good right hand of another...... And then there are the sturdy leather-up-to-the-elbow rose pruning gloves, the softer I-need-to-feel-what-I'm doing cloth gloves..... I have a basket-full in the shed!

Oh....and my name automatically showed up to easily make a comment this time! yay!


Hi Maggie,

They are white so they will be easier to find when you take them off and leave them by te wheelbarrow, the water faucet, the shed etc. Smile

Woah, sense! Thanks!

Woah, that actually makes sense! Now I feel silly, I dunno why that didn't occur to me.
..But they can't stay white for long, can they? White leather isn't very washable.

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