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Embellished Mushroom Brown Linen Tunic

Embroidered Tunic

       My linen tunic is finished!  In fact, I had to take it off just to get a picture.  I was fairly successful at removing the misplaced embroidery and fixing it.  There's a tiny snag, but I applied the fusable interfacing after doing the embroidery, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem and it's not really visible. 


      As the pattern is drawn, the back is meant to be cut as two pieces.  I'm not so fond of this, so I cut it out on the fold, and then created a little pleat on the back to account for the seam allowances.  I like the pleated back anyway, since it allows for a wider range of motion for my arms.  I'm still getting used to wearing fabrics that don't stretch! 


      The embroidery designs are built in designs that came with my machine, so they're nothing really special, but I do think they turned out pretty.  The color of the fabric itself does kinda remind me of burlap, but the embroidery does help.  Maybe I should have done more; I'm not sure where, though. I do hope I don't look like I'm wearing an embroidered burlap sack. 


    ...And, I used decorative stitches on the hem!  this is actually the first time I've made real use of my poor neglected Wonder Wheel!



The embroidery is well done, perfectly placed and the right amount. As Nancy Zieman has said, "When it comes to embroidery, a little goes a long way."

Nice Job Maggie

Hi Mag,

Nice job. I really like this top. I think I have some patterns similar to this. I have to try making one for DW. The decorative stitches on the hems add a nice touch.

Robert (Hessie)

It does not

look at all like a burlap sack! It looks great!

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