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My Denim Corset May Be Done

Denim Corset -- Done?Denim Corset -- Done? Denim Corset BackDenim Corset Back Denim Corset InsideDenim Corset Inside Alrighty, before dfr's head explodes, I'll put up some more pictures. I think it may be done. I haven't flossed the tops of the bones, but I'm not sure if I want to. I used the narrow flower trim at the top edge, so flossing at the top might look a bit off.
It still has a few loose threads, mostly from ripped out stitching lines. Getting rid of all the thread after undoing a seam is really time consuming! The unpicking itself is fast, and really doesn't bother me; unpicking seams and changing them a bit is just a part of sewing. But getting all the bits of thread off? Annoying!
I took dfr's advice and removed the boning from the seams that go right over my bust, moving the boning channels to either side instead. I'd actually already created an extra boning channel just to the outside of those seams, and the other one I added to what's actually the facing around the front, so that's plenty sturdy.
The corset is quite comfortable, even with the extra waist reduction! There's something disorienting about putting it on and placing it correctly-- the waist tape is placed correctly, I just put it on a bit too high up when I tried it on before-- that's also why the upper edge was too high. I've mentioned before that my natural waist isn't the part of my torso that's naturally the narrowest; corseted, the circumference around the bottom of my rib cage is actually narrower than my true waist. And once the laces are tightened, it's almost impossible to deliberately pull it up or down. So I have to fight the natural inclination to place the narrowest part of the corset (the waist) at the narrowest part of my uncorseted torso (the bottom of my rib cage.)
So, the fit is pretty good, wrinkling is minimal, it's comfortable, and manages some waist reduction! I'm pretty happy with this one. It's either done, or done-except-for-a-couple-of-details. I'm wearing it, anyways.

This was the first corset I've used real grommets for. I haven't ordered from GrommetMart yet, and grommeting tools are generally quite a bit more expensive than eyelet tools. But then I found theLord & Hodge Size 0 Grommet Kit on Amazon. They didn't have a size 00, the 0 was the smallest they had, so I went with that, since it was so much cheaper than any of the other grommet kits I'd seen. I'll have to get size 00 tools eventually, but size 0 is even what Sydney Eileen uses, so it can't be totally wrong, can it? So I've finally used two-piece roll-and-not-split grommets.


That looks great! I am

That looks great! I am adding flossing to a corset for the first time right now, for primarily decorative purposes. I have always just used a line of stitching to hold the ends of the bones in place, and I have never had a piece pop through.

Regarding grommets: I just used the )) for the first time a few months ago, and while I think they look good, I am probably going to switch back to the 0, for a few reasons. First, I don't like that they have a metal edge against the fabric instead of a flat piece. Seems a bit dangerous to me. Second, the setter actually cut through my fabric, which greatly annoyed me. The damage wasn't bad enough to make me abandon the corset, but it was very upsetting.

00 Grommets or Small Eyelets?

Were those 00 grommets, or regular eyelets? If you get 00 grommets from grommetmart or, they're just like the 0 grommets, but smaller. I guess real grommets in 00 are fairly uncommon because grommets are usually used for canvas rather than clothing. I keep planning on making an order from grommetmart, but then I put it off. And then I found the cheap 0 grommet set on Amazon with free supersaver shipping, and it's always easier to justify tacking something else onto an Amazon order than it is to place a whole order from a specialty grommets-and-rivets place!
The whole what's-a-grommet-and-what's-an-eyelet thing is giving me a headache. For the most part grommets seem to be defined as the two part ones and eyelets are 1-part, but I got two-part eyelets awhile ago, too. Apparently grommets are flatter than eyelets. I'm almost ready to start defining them by material and where you buy them. It seems like the real dividing lines between eyelets and grommets are that eyelets are the cheap aluminum things you get at craft stores, and grommets are the brass or nickel ones you get at hardware stores, corsetry sites, or grommetmart. I don't think I've seen eyelets described in terms of grommet sizes, though-- they're usually just labeled by fractions of an inch. Grommets are too, but they usually list both the fractions-of-an-inch number and the standard-grommet-sizes number.
I have some 00 grommets I got from (*ahem* but I didn't get the tools. Their tools are expensive and I was kinda hoping I could use eyelet tools even though I knew I really couldn't. And their grommet hand tools look flimsier than grommetmart's.) and they're definitely not the same as the standard dritz 3/16" eyelets with or without washers.
I should probably do a whole post with pictures of all the various eyelets and grommets in my stash.


I thought I had logged in. I didn't mean for that comment to be anonymous...


That looks great!


Looks good! A bit of bust curve now, as well! For flossing the top of the bones without clashing with the trim, you could do as I did on mine under my lace: floss with jeans thread that blends with your denim. I'm glad you mentioned that you haven't pulled all the stray threads ... I was looking at the pics wondering "What is that ...?"

BTW, Cat was horrified with your lining last night LOL

I know

I was thinking about that. I haven't decided if it's necessary or not. Hand flossing seems like an awful lot to do if it's not going to be visible! But I probably should.

Cat already commented on my last post to complain! Anonymously, since apparently she doesn't have a Google account. (Bad Cat!)

not visible flossing ...

I consider flossing to have a utilitarian function first - i.e. holding the bones in place so they don't wiggle and wear your fabric(Drunk. The decorative part is a secondary function, as I understand it.

And Cat *does* have a google acct ... the question is does she remember she has it (and does she remember her pw too? LOL)

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