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The Continuing Saga of Simplicity 2700

Simplicity 2700 WinklesSimplicity 2700 Winkles
I am sorry, dear readers, it seems that I am cruel enough to subject you to mirror pictures of my butt. I've been trying to fiddle with the fit even though I haven't figured out the waistband yet. I'm thinking I should have used the curvy pieces instead of the regular pieces.. but it's hard to tell. While my butt isn't so flat as it seemed to be before I had any clues about how pants were supposed to fit, it's not my butt that's a fitting issue, it's my thighs. What I'm getting is those diagonal wrinkles in the back from crotch to hips. And some bagginess in the front. Of course, maybe I'm a total idiot for trying to do any fitting before figuring out the issues with the yoke.
I think what I have to do is extend lengthen the crotch curve such that there is more room in the thighs. I'll probably need to cut out entirely new pieces to get it right. I let out the side seams, which helped some, but that may just be because they're looser. I think what I really need is more room in the inner thighs.. it seems logical, anyway.
Simplicity 2700 Left Front Yoke NotchesSimplicity 2700 Left Front Yoke Notches
I started a WIP on PR for the pattern, and when I didn't get any suggestions through that, I started a thread. I got some good, logical suggestions.. or rather, suggestions that would be logical if not for the pattern. Mainly, that perhaps the pieces weren't meant to be the right size and needed to be eased in. But the notches and stay-stitching make that unlikely.

Here's a picture of the front left yoke, from both sides. With the notches lined up, the side of the yoke meets the side of the front of the pants correctly. So all of that easing would have to be happening within those four inches from notch to edge-- no way can I get a whole seam allowance by stretching non-stretch fabric over a four-inch seam.

As for the back, I think any chance of easing-in intent on the part of the drafter would have been nixed by the instruction to stay-stitch the top edge. If I was supposed to stretch it out to make the pieces fit, that would make the instruction to stay-stitch that edge to prevent stretching utterly nonsensical, right?



Am very curious as to how this will end. No one can seem to figure out the answer to your problem.

I'll probably take JTink's advice..

I will probably take JTink's advice and e-mail Simplicity's customer service to ask about it.
I've been pinning it closed to fiddle with the fit, so if I get the fit right, I'll re-cut the front left yoke/waistband piece to be slightly longer. Obviously I still haven't gotten the fit right yet, though. I'll have to get out my altered Jalie 2908 pattern and compare it. Certainly not meant to fit the same way at all, but I've gotten them to fit fairly well, so maybe comparing the pieces will help.
I'm thinking I'll probably have to add a crotch gusset to get this pair to fit, although hopefully I can alter the pieces so I won't have to with the next pair.

I'm just really surprised nobody knows what's up with the weirdnesses in the pattern. It seems like a lot of people have sewn the pattern, but yet there doesn't seem to be anybody who has actually sewn it that's responded to my thread.

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