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Cloak -- Finished? (With Snaps)

Cloak -- Done?Cloak -- Done?
My velvet-and-wool cloak might be finished.
After picking up some more of the Dritz snaps that work with the snap pliers while I was out at Joann today, I finished with the snap-tabs between the cloak layers. I'm not totally sure how I feel about it.

The snaps do the job of keeping the bottom edge of the cloak off the ground when needed, while allowing me to let it fall to floor-length when I want it all the way down.

Pinning it up certainly changes the silhouette, but I kinda like it, I think.

I'm still somewhat considering just making it a bit shorter, but it was such a pain to hem in the first place that I just don't want to.

Of course, given that I'm considering making it shorter, it wouldn't be the end of the world if the bottom edge got raggedy and I just trimmed it down to hem it shorter at that point.

So, my velvet-and-wool cloak is done.


Cloak with Snaps

Hi there - I know this post is older, but I am actually making this cloak and saw your idea with the snaps. I was curious of how you placed the snaps on your cloak?

Thanks! Smile

Beautiful Work on the Cloak

I love how you finished the cloak at the bottom, really lovely work.

Nice cloak!

Very nice cloak. And I like your rationalization about the (future) raggedy edges and the cloak's completion.

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