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Chat Gift Exchange -- Val's Capelet

Yea, I know I've been horrible about blogging lately.
So finally I'm getting around to posting about the capelet I made for Val for the PR chat gift exchange. I forgot to take pictures before mailing it, so the picture is Val's.

In the questionaire for the gift exchange, Val said she has fitting issues so she didn't think clothing was do-able. So I figured that she wouldn't be expecting clothing, and the Simplicity 3921 capelet doesn't require much fitting.
I used a turquoise wool gabardine and a light purple dupioni for the lining. Originally I was planning on using these two purple appliques I had from a mystery box as a front embellishment.. but then I realized that they were identical, not mirror images of each other, so there went that idea. So I dug through my trims box some more and pulled out the ruffly white lace, which was excuse to use the jar of purple dye-na-flow that had been sitting on my desk since some sale a year or two ago. So I got experimental and dyed the lace purple. First I tried painting it on, but then I realized that for bright color it needs salt, so I ended up mixing it with some water and salt in a plastic container and letting it soak. I still have to figure out what else to dye purple, assuming that the dye-water-and-salt mixture is still good. It's sitting on my kitchen counter.

The instructions on the dye say to iron it to set the color. Obviously this wasn't particularly practical with ruffly lace. Happily, a hair dryer works too! I soaked, hair-dryed, repeated a bit to get the color where I wanted it. Then hand-washed it with some detergent to get off the salt and excess dye. Water ran clear, and lace was still purple. Yay!
Then I hand-sewed that flowery trim (another mystery box item) over the seam where I'd sewn on the purple lace, so that the seam wouldn't be visible.

Val thinks it could be reversible. If I'd thought of that I would have put a button on the other side too! Val had told me awhile ago that she was allergic to wool but that she could wear it so long as it was lined. For some reason it didn't occur to me that as I was making something that she'd wear over other clothes, the wool allergy was irrelevant anyways. And the lace isn't exactly the same color as the lining.
But Val was all happy and so I'm all happy.
And now I've finally blogged it!


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