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*Perception* Bustier-Dresses -- Color!

Bustier-Dresses in color are finally out at *Perception*! Original mesh dresses feature a dupioni silk outer with split-front bodice, zippered back closure, and peplum skirt. Underneath is a sparkly, body-hugging underdress. Colors range from sophisticated black to fun, flirty lime green.
*Perception* Bustier-Dresses with Dark Contrast*Perception* Bustier-Dresses with Dark Contrast

Dresses are L$285 each or L$985 per fatpack of five. Copy/Modify/No Transfer permissions. (Sizing cannot be altered.)

7 sizes: the five standard sizes plus special sizes M+ (for very curvy shapes) and Bx (for top-heavy shapes.)

Demos are available in-world a *Perception* and

*Perception* Bustier-Dresses with Silver Contrast*Perception* Bustier-Dresses with Silver Contrast

*Perception* Bustier-Dresses with Gold Contrast*Perception* Bustier-Dresses with Gold Contrast

*Perception* Femme Fatale Dresses in Solid Colors

*Perception* Femme Fatale Dresses -- Solid Colors*Perception* Femme Fatale Dresses -- Solid Colors
Femme Fatale dresses are now available at the *Perception* Main Store! The black-and-white dresses from Cinema are for sale as well as a new set of Femme Fatale dresses in solid colors: burgandy, scarlet, gold, green, blue, and purple.
Dresses are L$265 each. The solid color fatpack includes all six solid colored dresses for L$985 and the black-and-white fatpack contains the four black-and-white dress for L$865.

Two alpha layer options are included along with full-perm copies of the alpha layer textures for easy adjustments and customizations. Also included are top and bottom glitch layers for maximum compatibility.

7 sizes: the 5 standard sizes XXS-L plus special sizes M+ (for very curvy shapes) and Bx (for top-heavy shapes.) While rigged mesh cannot be resized, the dress does come with modify permissions.

Demos are available in-world and on the marketplace.

Taxi to the new *Perception* Main Store on Mint Tulip

*Perception* Bustier-Dress at Cinema

*Perception* Bustier-Dress in White: For Cinema in Film Noir.*Perception* Bustier-Dress in White: For Cinema in Film Noir.In addition to the Femme Fatale Dress, a stunning bustier-dress is available at the *Perception* store in the Cinema event.

This brand new mesh is for sale in black with silver contrast and white with dark contrast in the in the stunning black-and-white-only Film Noir section of the event.

The event and venue are truly amazing, with a gorgeous cinema build. If you haven't checked it out yet, be sure to go!
*Perception* Bustier-Dress in Black: For Cinema in Film Noir.*Perception* Bustier-Dress in Black: For Cinema in Film Noir.

*Perception* Flutter-Sleeve Tops in Ombre

*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Tops -- Cool Ombre*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Tops -- Cool Ombre
Flutter-sleeve mesh tops are now up at *Perception* in-world and on the Marketplace.
*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Tops -- Warm Ombre*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Tops -- Warm Ombre
The cool set includes Magical Dusk, Forest Royalty, Glacier, and Land&Sky. The warm set includes Sunset, Black Cherry, Tropical Flower, and Creamsicle.

L$145 each or L$485 per fatpack of four.
Standard sizing with the addition of special sizes M+ (for very curvy shapes) and Bx (for top-heavy shapes.) Two alpha layer options are included, as well as full-perm alpha textures for ease in combining and customizing.

Demos are available both in-world and on the marketplace.

Twisted Hunt 2012 @ Perception

Bloody Underbust for Twisted HuntBloody Underbust for Twisted Hunt
The Twisted Hunt is almost here!

At *Perception* you'll be searching for a black damask blood-covered underbust corset with silver dart flossing and a dramatic tight-laced shape.

This is the most detailed rigged mesh corset on the grid and comes in 7 sizes for increased shape compatibility.

Start your search on September first!

Summer Harvest Hunt -- *Perception*

This year *Perception* is participating in The Ego Company's Summer Harvest Hunt!

Summer Harvest Flutter-Sleeve TopSummer Harvest Flutter-Sleeve Top
At *Perception* you'll be searching for a damask-printed silk flutter-sleeve top in harvest/transition inspired colors! As with all *Perception* meshes, the top includes 7 sizes, the five standard sizes XXS-L plus special sizes M+ for very curvy shapes and Bx for top-heavy shapes.

Hunt begins September 1st!

*Perception* Main Store

A Brand New *Perception* Mesh!

A new mesh is now available at *Perception*!
This is one of the items that I was working on in July and ended up temporarily putting aside in the mad scramble to get everything together for Vintage Fair. So now that Vintage Fair is winding down, it's time for new main store releases! (If you haven't gotten to Vintage Fair yet, make sure, go! It ends on the 29th, so you're almost out of time! The crowds have died down a bit and they've turned off the landing point routing, so you can even teleport straight to the *Perception* booth on Retro if you like.)

*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Tops -- Deeps*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Tops -- Deeps
*Perception* Flutter-Sleeve tops feature a beautiful damask-printed silk dupioni texture in two sets, deep and muted. They're L$145 each or L$485 for a fatpack of four.
As usual, there are seven sizes: the five standard sizes XXS-L, with the addition of special sizes M+ (for very curvy shapes) and Bx (for top-heavy shapes.) Demos are available in-world at *Perception* and on the Marketplace.
I even managed an iridescent effect with some of the deep colors, which I love. I have a weakness for all things iridescent, and it's extremely difficult to capture any kind of iridescence in a flat texture. (I can't wait till we get specular mapping!)

*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Tops -- Muted*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Tops -- Muted
Additionally, a version in "Clear Sky" damask (aka sky blue) is available for FREE as the *Perception* Subscriber Kiosk join gift! And in case you're worried about spam, I procrastinate about sending out notices almost as much as I procrastinate about blogging!
So hop on over to *Perception* and get your free gift!

*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Top -- Subscriber Gift!*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Top -- Subscriber Gift!

Vintage Fair! Retro Party Dress

Vintage Fair is here, and so is another brand new mesh from *Perception*!

Vintage Party Dress!Vintage Party Dress!
Despite some viewer technical difficulties, it's finished, just in the nick of time! So far it's available in two colors, turquoise and lavender. I'll be adding some additional colors soon.
Like all *Perception* rigged mesh, the dress comes in 7 sizes: the 5 standard sizes XXS-L and special sizes M+ for very curvy avatars and Bx for top-heavy avatars.

Currently available only at the *Perception* booth on Vintage Fair's Retro sim. Vintage Fair, Retro (The slurl takes you to the landing point. You should be able to click it again for an arrow pointing you towards the *Perception* booth.)

Mesh Party Dress for Vintage FairMesh Party Dress for Vintage Fair

Vintage Fair is Coming!

Vintage Fair approaches and *Perception* is participating this year!
Boatneck Top with Shetland Wool SkirtBoatneck Top with Shetland Wool Skirt
New *Perception* products for the fair include mesh boatneck tops (a brand new mesh!) and a new set of denim underbust corsets.
Other products available at the *Perception* booth will include mesh Shetland wools skirts and selection of underbust and overbust corsets.

*Perception* meshes come in 7 sizes, the five standard sizes with the additions of M+, size created for very curvy avatars, and Bx, created for top-heavy avatars. All meshes are original and unique!

There's also a dress I'm hoping to get finished in time for the fair's opening, but if Blender doesn't play nice it may have to be a late addition.

New Mesh for Vintage Fair!  Boatneck TopsNew Mesh for Vintage Fair! Boatneck TopsNew Underbust Corsets for Vintage FairNew Underbust Corsets for Vintage Fair

More Mesh Corsets!

*Perception* Underbust Corset -- Red and Gold Damask*Perception* Underbust Corset -- Red and Gold Damask
I finished another set of textures for my underbust corset mesh. Damask!

So far they're in black, ivory, red/gold, black/silver, and purple/silver. There will be at least a couple more eventually; I'm still fiddling with the textures for a black/red and I'll definitely do silver-grey one like I did with the overbusts too. (And as usual, I'm still open to suggestions!)

Corsets and demos are available in-world at *Perception* and on the Marketplace.
*Perception* Underbust Corset -- Purple and Silver Damask*Perception* Underbust Corset -- Purple and Silver Damask
I'm kinda thinking about doing another version with less realistic seaming. The true-to-life seaming makes it easier to make them look real, but harder to do any of those nifty artsy corsets. I haven't quite figured out how to go about doing that without feeling like I'm sacrificing quality.

But, it's SL, right? If I can defy gravity by lifiting off and flying, why can't I defy the limitations of fabric grainlines? And I certainly don't have to worry about how I'd wiggle into a corset without a split front busk. Right-click and "wear" or right-click and "add." It's not like I actually have to physically put it on, or like the trappings that would let me get in and out of it in RL are even functional in SL. Some of them should look like I could but I think I'm limiting myself by feeling like I shouldn't deviate from reality. I'm pretty sure that SL is meant to have a healthy dose of fantasy too.
*Perception* Underbust Corsets -- Damask*Perception* Underbust Corsets -- Damask

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