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Stupid Search Results (The Evils of SEO)

I've been researching industrial machines for awhile now, mostly searching on Craigslist and then searching for more information on the machines listed. And I'm getting really annoyed by really ridiculous, irrelevant Google search results. Google claims that they now offer an option to block certain domains, but whether it doesn't work in Firefox 4 or they bowed out to complaints from companies that thought they'd get blocked, I don't know.

There seem to be a whole lot of sites, mainly with .info extensions, that are nothing but a populated list of eBay auctions. They all have different domains, but seem to be identical, and what they show isn't pertinent to the domain name. For example, you'll find the exact same things on "" as on "" and "," etc. And when I'm looking for information on a Singer 111W151, there is absolutely nothing relevant on any of those "sites." Yes, those all show up when I search for information on a particular industrial Singer model. And since they're obviously not affiliated with Brother, I'd think that a domain including "brother" and "sewing machines" would be a trademark infringement. But they can't let that get in the way of their keyword loading, now can they?

I don't have a problem with commercial sites, or with sites that use affiliate programs. Sites selling particular machines are frequently excellent sources of information about those machines. But these aren't sites that are actually selling anything themselves, or providing information about the things that they're showing or making actual recommendations. They don't do anything at all but clog search results; they're keyword clogged add farms. And eBay is easy enough to search, either through their own search, or Google's shopping search, so there is absolutely no reason why any of these ad-farm sites are of any value whatsoever. None, zero, zip, zilch. So WHY can't I easily block these? And why isn't there some way to report that these are not relevant search results? These sites are SEO abuse, nothing more. I thought Google was supposed to get rid of excess results that are too similar to be relevant to finding anything new, but all these site seem to be showing up constantly. Isn't there some way to report this crap?

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