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Stuff To Do With Scraps

Scrap Quilt-y ThingScrap Quilt-y ThingThere's been a lot of buzz lately about using scraps. First it was Rebecca, at Tales of a Wannabe Seamstress, then the Fabric Ripper did a post on the topic and in the usual Fabric Ripper style, goaded JillyBe into a post about a really need scrap scarf.

Well, I wasn't so sure I wanted to show anybody pictures of my scrap quilt because it's, er, scrappy.. and because absolutely zero planning went into it, I've just kinda been sewing together rectangles because if they're sewn together randomly, they're slightly less chaotic than if they're just piled up.
It's wrinkled and didn't photograph too well and there's some warping I may or may not try to fix.. but nonetheless, here it is!
It's actually a great deal more interesting to touch than to look at, because I've kinda been using a bit of everything. All woven in this one, although I may try to do something similar with knits someday. It was kinda an impromptu thing I started one day trying to figure out *something* to do with all these little bits of fabric I've got piled up in boxes-- like I said NO planning. At all.

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