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A Brand New *Perception* Mesh!

A new mesh is now available at *Perception*!
This is one of the items that I was working on in July and ended up temporarily putting aside in the mad scramble to get everything together for Vintage Fair. So now that Vintage Fair is winding down, it's time for new main store releases! (If you haven't gotten to Vintage Fair yet, make sure, go! It ends on the 29th, so you're almost out of time! The crowds have died down a bit and they've turned off the landing point routing, so you can even teleport straight to the *Perception* booth on Retro if you like.)

*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Tops -- Deeps*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Tops -- Deeps
*Perception* Flutter-Sleeve tops feature a beautiful damask-printed silk dupioni texture in two sets, deep and muted. They're L$145 each or L$485 for a fatpack of four.
As usual, there are seven sizes: the five standard sizes XXS-L, with the addition of special sizes M+ (for very curvy shapes) and Bx (for top-heavy shapes.) Demos are available in-world at *Perception* and on the Marketplace.
I even managed an iridescent effect with some of the deep colors, which I love. I have a weakness for all things iridescent, and it's extremely difficult to capture any kind of iridescence in a flat texture. (I can't wait till we get specular mapping!)

*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Tops -- Muted*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Tops -- Muted
Additionally, a version in "Clear Sky" damask (aka sky blue) is available for FREE as the *Perception* Subscriber Kiosk join gift! And in case you're worried about spam, I procrastinate about sending out notices almost as much as I procrastinate about blogging!
So hop on over to *Perception* and get your free gift!

*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Top -- Subscriber Gift!*Perception* Flutter Sleeve Top -- Subscriber Gift!

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